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A Volunteer's Bill of Rights

Many organizations have what they call a “Volunteer’s Bill of Rights.”  While many of these “rights” are unenforceable under the law, they do carefully articulate an organization’s values and how those values are put into practice.  Having a “Volunteer’s Bill of Rights” and, more importantly, putting it into practice, is perhaps one of the most effective forms of recognition an agency can offer their volunteers. 

Here are a few links to organizations that publish their Volunteer’s Bill of Rights online. You'll also notice that most of these documents also include a volunteer’s responsibilities in their language as well.

I hope you find these examples inspiring and can see how having such a document in place is an excellent way for an organization to communicate how much they respect and value their volunteers.

Submitted by John Lipp

US Army Volunteer Corps

Community Living Kawartha Lakes

Volunteer Firefighters' Bills of Rights

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