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Trends and Issues in Volunteer Management

Including:  Civic Engagement, Civil Society, Time Banking

Books on this topic

Articles and excerpts on this subject

Free electronic books on this subject:

America's Civic Health Index 2008:  Beyond the Vote  from the National Conference on Citizenship.  Reports for earlier years can be downloaded at

Citizens at the Center: A New Approach to Civic Engagement, written by Dr. Cynthia Gibson and commissioned by the Case Foundation.  Proposes a re-thinking of what civic engagement is (and how volunteering fits in).  (31 page PDF, 2006)

The Pro-Am Revolution:  How enthusiasts are changing our economy and society,  by Charles Leadbeater and Paul Miller (UK, 70 page PDF, 2004).  Presents the concept of "Pro-Am" (professional/amateur) relationships as a way to add extra expertise to work on social needs.

Generation We by Eric Greenberg
Explores the emerging power of the Millennials, the largest generation in American history. Based on a 2,000-person survey and twelve focus groups in four different regions of the country, Greenberg's research provides insight into the subtle and nuanced political views of young people today.

Tool Kit for Recruiting and Supporting Job-Seeking Volunteers, produced by the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (2011, 32 pgs.) or view the components of the Tool Kit on the MAVA site.

Understanding Canadian Volunteers:  Using the National Survey on Volunteering, Giving and Participating to Build Your Volunteer Program
This excellent, free, 44-page guide demonstrates wonderfully how to apply research to practice by applying data in the National Survey to specific aspects of volunteer management.  By Norah McClintock for the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy and Volunteer Canada (2004).

Youth Helping America — Leveling the Path to Participation: Volunteering and Civic Engagement Among Youth From Disadvantaged Circumstances from the Corporation for National and Community Service (2007, 32-pages).

Websites with useful articles on this subject

"Anti" Volunteerism Positions and Arguments
Collected by the Ayn Rand Institute:

Ashoka - Civic Engagement
Defines and presents worldwide examples of what they call the "citizen sector" (see definition).  Also introduce the concept of a "Citizen Base Initiative " for community involvement, at

Better Together
Social trends discussed by author Robert Putnam and an initiative of the Saguaro Seminar: Civic Engagement in America, this Web site defines "social capital" in great detail, and offers specific ways individuals and groups can become involved in building communities. Especially see the FAQs:

Citizens at the Center
Case Foundation's site proposing new approaches to civic engagement.

Civil Society section of Citizendium
Civil society is the "arena of uncoerced collective action around shared interests, purposes and values."  This new wiki (2007) is being compiled by academic Roger A. Lohmann.

Focus on the Economic Crisis
Site from the Foundation Center established to share many perspectives on how nonprofits and funders are behaving during the economic crisis.

Generation We
Site devoted to explaining the perspective of Millennials and mobilizing them to service.

Guardian Newpaper
This newspaper web site devotes a full section to the topic of volunteering, with many provocative articles challenging the value and role of British volunteers.

"Hot Topics" in Volunteerism (archive)
Monthly essays by Susan Ellis, with reader responses.

"Hot Topics" from OzVPM (archive)
Monthly essays by Andy Fryar from Australia.

Kindness:  New Ways We Give and Volunteer                                         USA Today's "daily source of inspiration and guide to making a difference in fresh and exciting ways," with "good news" stories.

OneWorld UK Volunteering Guide
OneWorld Guides offer an introduction to relevant sustainable development and human rights issues, with pointers to more detailed content.  This one focuses on trends in worldwide volunteering.

Social Citizens Blog - Glossary 2.0
Site utilizing the most innovative online technology for "social citizenship" offers this page defining blogs, wikis, and other tools (includes videos).

Time Banks USA
Founded by Edgar Kahn, describes how to set up service exchanges that give barter "value" to each hour of volunteer work contributed by participants.

Topic of the Month by Mary Merrill
Mary Merrill, the late volunteer management consultant, posted a monthly topic on volunteer management.  Past essays are all accessible.

VolunTourism is the integrated combination of voluntary service to a destination with the traditional elements of travel and tourism - arts, culture, geography, history, and recreation - while in the destination.  This site explains it all.

Youth as E-Citizens Report
Read the full 155-page report by American University's Center for Social Media (2004) about how an online youth civic culture, largely unnoticed by the general public, has taken root on the Internet and is fostering Generation Y's participation in U.S. politics and community affairs.

Relevant Hot Topic essays

For information on this topic specifically relating to the Australasian region please visit our friends at OzVPM :


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