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What's a DOVIA or State Association?

What's a DOVIA?

"DOVIA" is the generic name for "Directors of Volunteers in Agencies" associations but your local group may have a different name, such as Volunteer Directors Roundtable or Council of Volunteer Coordinators. These are associations of leaders of volunteer programs who meet regularly to exchange information and ideas, host workshops and speakers, and plan collaborative activities. There are several hundred DOVIAs operating in cities and counties across the USA and they are beginning to emerge in other countries.

In the United States
What are the State Association of Volunteer Administrators?

These are state-level professional organizations of individuals who lead volunteer programs. Some states have both a State Office and a State Association, while others have one or the other, and some states have neither. State associations generally sponsor self-training events, link members with each other, publish a newsletter, etc.

Here are some other state organizations which serve leaders of volunteers

Governor's or State Offices on Volunteerism.
(Check with your state for exact name, contact person and services.)
Approximately two-thirds of all states have a state government office to coordinate volunteerism in their state. Many serve as a clearinghouse of information, offer training events, publish newsletters, and sponsor conferences and awards programs. The names vary, including Governor's Office of Volunteerism, Office of Citizen Participation, and State Office of Volunteerism and Community Service.

State Commissions on Community Service
(Names and contacts will vary.)
As a result of 1993 federal legislation, most states established these Governor-appointed commissions to administer programs funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service. In some states, these commissions are staffed by and work very closely with the existing State Offices of Volunteerism. In other states, the commissions operate as separate entities.


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