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Share of Mind, Share of Heart: Marketing Tools of Engagement for Nonprofits

Sybil F. Stershic

This book will help you:

Engage volunteers, staff, and the executive team in staying true to your “brand” promise

Maintain public awareness of your organization, starting with the team of people who matter most.

Understand that the organization’s image is too important to be left to the marketing department—it’s everyone’s job.

WME Books, 2012, 142 pages, ISBN-13 978-1-934229-34-7, e-book edition only

Price: US$14.00


Author Sybil Stershic’s book, Share of Mind, Share of Heart – Marketing Tools of Engagement for Nonprofits, brings that "share of mind and heart" mindset to the nonprofit space, where it’s most needed.

“Share of mind” (also referred to as “share of voice”) is about creating and maintaining public awareness of your organization. How can people support your organization and its mission if they don’t know about you?

“Share of heart” is creating and maintaining an emotional bond with people who are important to your organization. Once people know about you, how will you build relationships with them and involve them in your nonprofit?

In a world crowded with advice on every business front, where marketing so often focuses on the creative aspects of promotion, Stershic shows you how to bring the personal back into the conversation because in the end, it’s not as much about the marketing materials, as it is about the people.

"[E]veryone who works and volunteers in your non-profit has a marketing role in delivering your brand promise,”  Stershic tells us in Chapter 3, “Taking Care of the People Who Most Impact Your Brand.”

Engaging with volunteers, staff, and the executive team, to create and stay true to the brand promise in your marketing materials, is not only recommended, it’s necessary.

For readers who prefer print, Share of Mind, Share of Heart is available in paperback at http://amzn.to/OnmCcJ .


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Readers' Reviews

Share of Mind, Share of Heart is a pithy, potent survival guide to making good things happen with marketing. Read it to engage more powerfully within your own organization – and with the world beyond. Change for the good starts here." 
Katya Andresen
CSO, Network for Good
Author of Robin Hood Marketing

"Share of Mind, Share of Heart is deceptively simple but actually profound. It explains and applies basic principles of business marketing to the special situations faced by all nonprofit organizations large and small. This is not a book about publicity or sales or even client development. Instead, Stershic focuses on nonprofits’ most powerful asset: its mission-driven people. Learn to nurture and motivate those who deliver the services and everything else follows. Uniquely, the book shows how paid staff and volunteers are full partners in maintaining the organization’s image and impact in the community. The reader who resonates with the content and uses the provided action plan notes will discover many ways to do the internal marketing that ultimately produces public results." 
Susan J. Ellis
President, Energize, Inc.
Editor-in-Chief, e-Volunteerism 

"Stocked with examples throughout, Share of Mind, Share of Heart is filled with valuable nuggets of wisdom important for every nonprofit executive who wants to win the hearts and minds of its target audiences. Sybil Stershic demonstrates how marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department — it's everyone's job." 
Ken Bernhardt
Taylor E. Little Jr. Professor of Marketing and Special Assistant to the Dean
Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University

"For the guerrilla nonprofit marketer's personality, with a bent toward taking action. Sybil Stershic's book Share of Mind, Share of Heart: Marketing Tools of Engagement for Nonprofits is all about getting active in marketing your organization. Each easy-to-understand chapter gives you practical action-oriented tasks that help you focus on getting more than your organization's fair share of the minds and hearts of the people you want to reach."
Chris Forbes
Co-Author of Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits: 
250 tactics to promote, recruit, motivate, and raise more money

"Share of Mind, Share of Heart is a great guide to success in nonprofit marketing with a strong reminder about the importance of engaging an often overlooked audience — staff members of the organization."
Celeste Wroblewski
Nonprofit strategist, Chicago

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Brief Excerpt

Excerpted from "Marketing from the Inside Out"

If you’re fortunate to have a workforce of skilled employees and volunteers who believe in your brand, how do you engage them and keep them engaged? You start by recognizing them as your most important internal audience – especially given their individual and collective impact on your nonprofit brand. Before you can effectively market to consumers, you need to market to your employees and volunteers. An “inside-out marketing” approach enables you to take care of these internal stakeholders so they can take care of your external stakeholders: clients, customers, members, donors, referral sources, corporate and community partners, etc. Applying marketing inside your organization addresses both the rational and emotional sides of employee engagement:

  • Rationally engaged employees and volunteers “understand how their work contributes to the success of the organization”
  • Emotionally engaged employees and volunteers “feel inspired to do their best.”


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