Who Is Harriet Naylor Anyway?

Vol. I, Issue 1, 2000

In the very first issue of e-Volunteerism: The Electronic Journal of the Volunteer Community (October 2000), we published the article, "Who Is Harriet Naylor Anyway?" -- largely because even then too many newcomers to the field of volunteer management had no idea who this pioneer was (though they kept hearing her name).  We continue to be concerned at the lack of institutional memory in our field and so have now made this article free to all <CLICK HERE>.

Although the Association for Volunteer Administration (AVA) no longer exists, we are pleased to share the names of the AVA Harriet Naylor Distinguished Member Service Award presented annually from 1981 to 2004.  This and the winners of other AVA awards can still be retrieved at Web Archive.

1981   Marion Jeffery

1982   Carol G. Moore; Marlene Wilson  

1983   Eva Schindler-Rainman

1984   Ivan H. Scheier

1985   Harriet Naylor; Sarah Jane Rehnborg, CVA 

1986   Sue Vineyard     

1987   Joanne Holbrook Patton   

1988   Winifred Brown, CVA    

1989   Susan J. Ellis     

1990   Christine C. Franklin, CVA

1991   Nancy Jane Barker

1992   Laura Lee Geraghty

1993   Caroline W. Todd

1994   Billie Ann Myers

1995   Katherine H. Campbell, CVA

1996   Jeanne Bradner 

1997   Jane Leighty Justis

1999   Betty Stallings, MSW

2000   Kathy McCleskey

2001   Jackie Norris, CVA

2002   Suzanne Lawson, CVA

2004   Jeffrey L. Brudney, Ph.D. 

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