A-Z Volunteer Management Library

Welcome to our extensive resource library. Each topic is organized into four types of materials:  articles and book excerpts; reports and guides; relevant Web sites; and tips from colleagues.  We also recommend books in our bookstore and articles in e-Volunteerism that deal with each topic. (When we find videos or additional things useful to a topic, you'll see an extra tab for "Other Resources.")

This resource library is continuously updated and we welcome colleagues to submit new materials and share their personal tips.  Permission to Reprint

Last Updated: April 10, 2021
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Resources about working with different volunteer populations (such as older people, children and teens, or professions) and also information written for specific service fields and organizations (such as healthcare, museums, etc.). However, we strongly encourage visitors not to limit themselves to seeking material developed only for their current, exact situation. Volunteer management is very universal and all of the resources in the “How-to’s of Volunteer Management” will be extremely helpful regardless of what kinds of volunteers you engage or the setting in which you work.