Energize Publishing and Distribution

Energize, Inc. is one of a very small number of publishers who specialize exclusively in volunteer management materials. We have established a reputation for finding or producing quality print and electronic resources that meet the real-life needs of leaders of volunteers. 


The Online Bookstore on this site offers a growing number of titles from more than 20 different publishers from four countries. Those books published directly by Energize are listed here.  

Have a Book You'd Like Us to Include in Our Bookstore?

We are always interested in reviewing new books on volunteerism for possible inclusion in our store. We especially invite materials developed by organizations originally for "in-house" use but with content on volunteerism that is clearly pertinent to a wider audience.

If you are a publisher or author, contact us and/or send a review copy of the book to: Energize, Inc., 5450 Wissahickon Avenue, C-13, Philadelphia, PA 19144, USA.

If you are not the publisher or author of a book you really like, but want to recommend it for our store, we provide a way for you to send us your suggestion. Click here for the form.

Have a Manuscript You Want to Publish?

We are always interested in reviewing new manuscripts or proposals for books (as well as articles for e-Volunteerism). Please remember that we are very specialized: Energize only publishes materials on volunteer management. You can either send us a review copy of your manuscript or send a summary of what you would like to write. We will then contact you after we have reviewed your proposal/manuscript. Contact us.

Do You Want to Sell Our Books, Too?

If you are a bookseller or have a Web site that sells books, we welcome your interest in including titles published by Energize to your customers. Please contact us to discuss the options.

e-Volunteerism Journal

In 2000, Energize launched the quarterly online publication, e-Volunteerism: The Electronic Journal of the Volunteer Community There are numerous subscription options including portals for organizations and IP address access for libraries and universities. We welcome submission of articles at any time.