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This is a compilation of blogs, podcasts, and wikis directly about or for volunteer management, volunteering, volunteers themselves, and related topics. The individual items here are also cross-referenced throught the A-Z library so that they also appear as resources in the topic area(s) matching their focus.

Associations Now (blog)

About all things related to association management, from ASAE (American Society for Association Executives). Was previously called "Acronym" and that archive is still accessible at

Career Volunteer

Career Volunteer is "here to make it easier for you to search and recruit trustees, skilled volunteers, potential mentors, and Board Members for your charity, NGO or social enterprise...By skilled volunteers we mean people who can provide pro bono assistance in specialist areas - marketing, finance, fundraising, strategy or people with technical abilities in other professions." Career Volunteer gives you access to fully funded expertise and Board-level skills from outside the sector, provided on a pro bono basis -- candidates are drawn from large corporates participating and funding the programme.  Also have an interesting blog, "Volunteers do it for free" at


Carolyn's Nonprofit Blog

By Carolyn M. Appleton, CFRE.  Mainly about fundraising, but often mentioning volunteers.

Causecast Blog

Blog produced by Causecast, provider of online platforms for corporations and nonprofits to manage giving and volunteering.  The blog focus on corporate social responsibility topics.

Corestrategies on Nonprofits Blog

Written by four nonprofit consultants led by Terrie Temkin, this blog frequently offers volunteer-related posts.

Corporate Institute Blog

Posts about corporate social responsibility and tools for engaging companies in volunteering, from Points of Light..

Do Good, Be Good podcasts

The Do Good, Be Good podcast highlights stories of helpful people and the challenges they have faced when trying to be helpful, produced and moderated by Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom. 

Donor Dream Blog (Category: Volunteers)

Erik Anderson writes this blog about donor relations and one of his categories is volunteers -- specifically how to work with nonprofit boards of directors.  This link takes you to the compilation of posts archived under "volunteer," but you can also view posts on fundraising and other topics. Blog

All about young people (teens and 20-somethings) and social change.

Engaging Volunteers (blog)

Excellent blog written by members of the VolunteerMatch team and third-party experts in the volunteering and technology community. Great source for trends in the field.

Everyday Giving Blog

All about different ways of giving to help others and making the world a better place, by Roger Carr.

Exploring Volunteering (blog)

By Patrick Daniels, UK-based volunteer and international activist. The blog's tag line: "Notes on thinking and research about the development of volunteering."

The Flutterbye Blog

Created by Christine Stankowski in Australia, Flutterbye "aspires to build a passionate community of Volunteer Management professionals" and "is committed to growing the profession by researching and sharing current trends and best practice." 

Fundraiser Grrl

"Because non-profit shouldn't be non-fun." Blog and an e-newsletter by Canadian Rory Green, which she self-describes as "One grrl's cheeky observations about life in fundraising."

generationOn Blog

Features great youth volunteer stories and ways to involve families in volunteering, from Points of Light.

Head, Heart and Hands Engagement BlogThoughts

Barry Altland's musings on volunteer engagement.

Hot Topics by Susan J. Ellis

Every month since April 1997, Energize President Susan J. Ellis has written an opinion piece on a volunteerism subject that concerns her -- and welcomes responses from readers.  The most current one is featured on the Energize home page and the full archive is online here.

The Huffington Post section on Volunteerism (blogs)

With the tag line "Some News Is So Big It Needs Its Own Page," the popular daily news site has aggregated its volunteer-related stories in a special section. Many are postings from blogs on the site.

InitLive Blog

Frequent posts with hints for involving volunteers in live events of all sorts, from InitLive, a technology business that provides "our customers with the tools they need to support their team before, during, and after their event."

InnoVate Blog

From JFFixler Group, consultants in volunteer engagement and board developement

Jayne Cravens Blog

One of the field's first blogs run by Jayne Cravens, expert in online volunteering, that offers great information and insight on volunteerism as well as nonprofit, development, and women's issues.

Join In UK

Join In is "a registered charity that helps UK grassroots sports clubs attract more supporters and volunteers from their local communities by matching people to fun, interesting and rewarding volunteering opportunities at clubs in their area."  The Join In blog introduces many items about volunteering.

KM Consulting & Training (blog)

Blog from Kathleen McCleskey.

Lori Gotlieb Consulting Blog

Blog postings by Lori Gotlieb, who teaches volunteer management at Humber  College, Toronto, ON. 

Mallen Baker's Respectful Business Blog

" Analysis of what’s happening in the world of responsible business, and what it means." 

Management4Volunteers Blog

By Sue Hine in New Zealand, with the tag line: "Great volunteer programmes do not fall out of the sky: it is good management practice that makes them even better."

More Volunteers (blog)

Short tips from Judy Esmond, Australian researcher and trainer.

NCVO Blog Posts on "Volunteering"

NCVO in the UK regularly publishes insightful blog posts on the subject of volunteering written by a variety of knowledgeable staff members (many of whom were with Volunteering England when it merged into NCVO). 

nfpSynergy blog

nfpSynergy is a research consultancy in the UK that delivers research, insights and expertise to help non-profits understand their audiences and make informed strategic decisions. Volunteering is a frequent focus of their research and also of the postings to this blog.


Comprehensive volunteer management site with a special focus on the Australasian region. President and trainer Andy Fryar writes a monthly blog, too.

Pro Bono Australia News (blog)

News items focused on volunteering by business people and professionals in Australia as pro bono service.

Pro Bono Junkie's Blog

A blog for those interested in integrating the pro bono ethic into their careers — giving their time and talent to strengthen nonprofit organizations. Part of the Taproot Foundation site.

Realizing Your Worth (blog)

Thoughts on corporate social responsibility and corporate volunteering by Chris Jarvis in Canada, through his consulting firm, Realized Worth. Has some cogent and valuable resources in the blog's archives.

RecogNation: An Employee Recognition Blog

Baudville is a company that specializes in employee recognition items and ideas, and often includes volunteer recognition, too.  This blog offers pointers and techniques for saying thank you creatively.

Rob Jackson Consulting, Ltd. Blog

Read the informed musings of UK colleague Rob Jackson on volunteer management and trends in the field. Also read his monthly "Voice of Volunteering" posting to the Third Sector (UK) site.

ServiceSpace Blog

"ServiceSpace was conceived by volunteers, was built by volunteers, and is run by volunteers -- all for the benefit of volunteers. Our projects range from a daily positive news service, to an acts-of-kindness portal, to a gift-economy restaurant." The blog is an exchange of reflections among volunteers about inspiration and service. Blog (formerly VolunteerSpot)

Online scheduling site VolunteerSpot's blog shares ideas, tips and best practices for informal volunteer leaders about improving the volunteer experience, fundraising and streamlining volunteer coordination.

Social ROI: A Social Entrepreneurship Blog

"A blog about how social entrepreneurship is making this world a better place."

Social Velocity (blog)

Focused on helping nonprofits create a growth or strategic plan, determine how to bring more money in the door, and get their boards engaged and invested.

Speaking out on Volunteer Management! (blog)

Colleague DJ Cronin in Australia challenges the volunteer management community to get engaged in debate to strengthen the profession.


Colleague Erin Spink posts on "conceptual"/big ideas about the volunteer management profession on her on site and also on LinkedIn.

Time Guider, Giver & Spark Creator

Jody Weyers launched this blog to "connect people with their passion," posting frequent commentary and inspiration about volunteering for volunteers but also for leaders of volunteers.

Tobi's Volunteer Management Blog

Tobi Johnson provides tips and tools to help "nonprofit organizations improve performance and increase impact through the power of people" -- including volunteers.

Track It Forward Blog: for the Part-Time Volunteer Coordinator

A start-up blog by James McBryan, the founder of Track it Forward, in which he shares advice for the person who's a part-time volunteer coordinator (either paid or, more probably, a volunteer, too) who wants "to do this job fast and right because you have other things to do."  

True Impact Blog

Focused on metrics, ROI, and other ways to measure the impact of volunteering and service.

Twenty Hats

Elisa Kosarin says she "created Twenty Hats as a place for volunteer managers, development directors, and other nonprofit pros to find practical, skill-building information that they need and that they can use on the job right away. My blog posts, tools, webinars, and courses give you practical, useful information to help you master the skills you never learned in school."

Vantage Point Blog

This community blog from Vancouver, BC focuses on voluntary sector issues, leadership, organizations, and people engagement.

Verified Volunteers Blog

Focused on issues of screening and interviewing volunteers.

VM Voice Blog & Comment

Blog written by members of the Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM) in the UK- "a voice, a resource and a network in volunteer management."

Volunteer Frontier (blog)

"Dialogue on Strategic Service Engagement" from Reed Dewey, now a consultant, who has worked at various American national volunteerism organizations.

Volunteer Hub Blog

"Insights that Make an Impact" - posts on many volunteer management topics from the staff of this volunteer management software company.

Volunteer Management Snark

Humorous blog -- usually clever meme gifs -- by Liza Dyer, CVA. "A bit of good-natured fun for your day. Designed with Leaders of Volunteers in mind." Also available on Twitter (@VMsnark).

Volunteer Plain Talk (blog)

"About the challenges we face as volunteer managers." Meridian Swift hosts this "place to blow off steam, commiserate with one another, laugh, shake our heads and realize that we are not alone in this profession."

Volunteer Relations Articles

Volunteer Relations℠ Articles is the blog of Marla Benson, who specializes in "systems to empower you to increase member and staff satisfaction as well as smoothly manage the biggest dirty little secret facing your nonprofit organization:  volunteer conflict and misconduct issues.

Volunteering Is CSR: The VolunteerMatch Blog for Business Leaders

All about corporate social responsibility.

Volunteering Solutions Blog

Blog for anyone considering volunteering internationally, with advice for how to choose the right program and other issues. "A handy resource for gap year students, schoolies and travelers who are thinking to volunteer abroad."

VolunteerPro Blog

Tobi Johnson writes this public blog as a free resource supporting her offerings to paid members and webinar registrants, addressing key practical issues in volunteer management.

Wendy Biro-Pollard's Volunteer Management Blog

Articles and insights from this speaker, trainer and Certified Volunteer Administrator with over 25 years of experience.

Wendy Moore (blog)

Created by Australian Wendy Moore "to support, encourage and inspire people in the field of volunteer management, through sharing information and ideas to take our sector and boldly go where no one has gone before."

Wild Apricot Blog

Quick, useful volunteer engagement tips from Wild Apricot, producer of software to manage membership information.

Youth Service America Blog

Youth Service America shares current news, information, and grant opportunities from the service-learning and youth service fields, including stories of youth successful in helping their communities.

Picture of Liza J Dyer, CVA
Selfies for Social Good
Submitted by Liza J Dyer, CVA , Portland, Oregon, USA

How can you turn a selfie into something powerful? By turning it into a #helpie! If a selfie is a picture of oneself that you post on social media, then a helpie is a picture of oneself doing something helpful. And volunteers are all about being helpful!

Helpies can boost your efforts to recruit more volunteers, engage your current volunteers, and tell the story of your organization. Inspire volunteers to share helpies on social media platforms they’re already using with best practices and step-by-step instructions outlined in this video:

Now that’s a selfie for social good!