Curricula for Teaching Volunteering

Materials helpful to teachers and others who want to create a learning curriculum for students at any level about what volunteering is and why it is important.

Are You in a Volunteer Management Silo?, Susan J. Ellis, Energize Hot Topic, 2017
"The Value of Volunteers" Lesson Plan, Purdue University 4-H, 2007

Volunteering New Zealand produced this summary of their identification and development of key competencies for leaders and managers of volunteers. 

, 2013, pp. 12
Association for Teaching Citizenship

Set of 4 lesson plans specifically on volunteering. The ACT site has many other resources as well.

Breaking News English - Lesson Plan on Volunteering

Ideas for teaching ESL adult students about volunteering.

How to Teach Volunteering

The UK's newspaper, The Guardian, offers resources for teachers in its Teachers Network.  This 2012 article discusses how to present volunteering and links on to other online resources.

Learning to Give

"Educates youth about philanthropy, the civil society sector, and the importance of giving their time, talent and treasure for the common good." Provides a whole range of lesson plans and teaching ideas for all age groups. 

Volunteering Teaching Resources

Free materials from Lesson Planet.

Volunteering and the Australian Curriculum

By Volunteering ACT on behalf of Volunteering Australia. A a set of lessons and units of work that can be used by teachers in Foundation-Year 10 classrooms across Australia (and anywhere).

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