How to Create a Proclamation

The Kid's Guide to Service Projects

A proclamation is a fancy way to make a public announcement. Mayors, council members, or local government administrators write proclamations to commend people or to announce upcoming events. 1. Contact your mayor's office to request the proclamation. 2. Send a letter to the mayor stating what you would like the proclamation to say. 3. Make an appointment to meet with the mayor for the signing of the proclamation. Usually, the mayor will let you take a photograph of him or her signing the proclamation. You can use the photograph to advertise your project, if you get the mayor's permission first.

Sample Proclamation

WHEREAS, all students have a right to be safe at school, and WHEREAS, fights in the halls are causing problems for everyone, and WHEREAS, we all want our school to be a better environment for learning and growing, and WHEREAS, we should join together to make our school a safe place to be, NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that we hereby proclaim October 14 as: "Fight-Free Friday" and ask all students to cooperate in keeping the peace. Signed and sealed this 11th day of October, 19- Student Body President Principal

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