Volunteer Code of Ethics

The following sample Code of Ethics from MADD was shared on CyberVPM by Lance Hood in June 2003 and is reprinted here with permission. The original can be found in Appendix O of MADD's Policies & Guidelines .

Volunteer Code of Ethics

As a MADD volunteer, member or elected officer committed to stopping drunk driving, supporting the victims of this violent crime and preventing underage drinking; I support and will follow the Code of Ethics as set forth by and approved by MADD's National Board of Directors and referenced in Section 14 of MADD's Policies and Guidelines.

  1. I will be loyal to MADD and seek to abide faithfully by MADD's policies, established positions and the decisions of groups and individuals within MADD that are authorized to make such decisions.
  2. I will represent and seek to serve the best interests of the entire MADD organization rather than just the specific interests of the National Office, Chapters or State organizations.
  3. I will be respectful of other individuals within MADD, including victims, concerned citizens, officers, volunteers, members and employees.
  4. While representing MADD at all MADD and MADD-related functions, whether internally or externally, I will always be professional and courteous, even to those who may not share my personal views. I will not use language that would be regarded by reasonable people as offensive. I will give others the opportunity to express their thoughts.
  5. I will regularly attend and actively participate in MADD meetings as required for Level II Chapters and State Organizations in MADD's Policies and Guidelines. If I cannot attend, I will ensure another person is prepared to discuss projects that are my direct responsibility.
  6. I will actively work to secure new volunteers to do MADD's work. I will speak positively about MADD.
  7.  I recognize that donors provide financial resources for MADD's work. When handling MADD funds, I will do so with integrity and honesty and in accordance with MADD's Policies and Guidelines.
  8. I will strive to avoid either by action or by communication anything that will tend to embarrass or disparage MADD.
  9.  I will be respectful of issues within MADD that are confidential. I will not release information to the media or other persons.

Lance Hood also noted: Our Code of Ethics for employees is almost identical. There are a few differences due to the nature of the position within the organization. For instance:

  • Volunteer 5 (above) does not apply to our non-exempt staff who are not allowed to work or volunteer outside of assigned work times for legal reasons.
  • And there is one added for staff about volunteer supervisors asking you to do things in contradiction to policy and procedures. If such happens the staff is to contact the national office or state office.


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