Calendar of Conferences, Workshops and Seminars in North America

The conferences and workshops listed here are single events sponsored by many different organizations, arranged by date. To be included, a program must offer substantial volunteer management content and be open for registration to the public. If you want to find a specific location, please use the keyword search -- but do consider traveling to meet new colleagues while you increase your skills!

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Collin College, Central Park Campus Convention Center: 2400 Community Ave, McKinneyTexas
Organizational Sponsor: VolunteerNow, DADV, DOVIA, Volunteer McKinney

TVMC is a regional conference that provides one-and-a-half days of though-provoking and interactive workshops designed to inspire you to build a more robust volunteer program and increase volunteer impact within your organization.

Four distinct tracks allow attendees to distinguish their own unique quest for vibrant volunteerism. Distinguished speakers engage participants in action-oriented sessions geared toward building and/or elevating exceptional volunteer programs.

Please visit our website and social media pages for more information on registration.

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