Online Communities

Increasingly, exchange among volunteer management practitioners is occuring online.  Here are various discussion forums and other types of electronic resources open to interested registrants (mainly at no charge).

To join a discussion group or mailing list, all you need is an e-mail address. When you subscribe to the list, you regularly receive postings and comments from other people on the lists and you can use the list to post your own questions and comments.

Administrators of Volunteer Programs in the Performing Arts (AVPPA)

For anyone coordinating volunteers in a performing arts setting.


Join volunteer program managers from all over the world (though mainly from the US) in a discussion of every aspect of volunteer program development and management. To join simply send an e-mail with your e-mail address and requesting a subscription to:


The group is a place to share experiences regarding the practice and research of volunteering. Focused on broad volunteerism issues and all types of settings, mainly within Spain.


LinkedIn offers a number of "groups" for volunteer managers. For a complete list, go to and type in the key words "volunteer manage" or "volunteer" (though that opens a very large list). Some of the more active groups are:

Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE)
Association of Volunteer Managers
Forum for Volunteer Administrators
Volunteer Coordinators
Volunteer Management Best Practices Network

National Association of Voluntgeer Programs in Local Government (NAVPLG) group on LinkedIn

National Association of Voluntgeer Programs in Local Government (NAVPLG) group on LinkedIn


An active listserv dedicated to discussing volunteer management issues -- particularly as they relate to the Australian/Australasian scene..."but of course we are happy to discuss issues with our colleagues from elsewhere, too." To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to:


A lively, friendly and participative networking and communication resource for all Volunteer Programme Managers working in the United Kingdom. UKVPMs mission is to increase the scope, scale and quality of both voluntary activity and the management of volunteers. UKVPMs seeks to achieve this by bringing Volunteer Programme Managers together in a virtual community to develop their skills and knowledge for the purpose of taking action towards our common goal.