Online Communities

Increasingly, exchange among volunteer management practitioners is occuring online.  Here are various discussion forums and other types of electronic resources open to interested registrants (mainly at no charge).

"7 Questions Podcasts" from GiveGab

Ever wondered where volunteers find their inspiration, what makes someone a great leader?  Tonyehn Verkitus, the Senior VP of Nonprofit Engagement at GiveGab, interviews volunteers doing amazing things, leaders who inspire debate, and nonprofits finding creative solutions to problems big and small. "Snapshots" in 7 Questions take a small dip into the lives of people who do big things. New interview monthly. Free archive of all podcasts remains available. Training Materials

Online registry of Christian volunteer opportunities run through TechMission, this site offers a variety of free training materials for volunteers and program managers, including PowerPoint shows, videos, Webcasts, and templates.

Hot Topics from Susan J. Ellis, Energize, Inc.

Hear Susan read her monthly Hot Topic. Add the RSS feed to your podcast list or just listen to the audio from the Hot Topic Web page.


My travel schedule has increased substantially which has led to me me reading more books (old school) and downloading podcasts for the long walks to the rental car kiosks. Your Hot Topics is now part of my listening library. Thank you.
  --  Tony Goodrow, volunteer2, ON, Canada

Movie Mondays

Produced for fundraisers and development officers, this series of free, short videos includes useful tips for all community outreach. When you sign up, you get notices by e-mail of one week of access to a 3 to 5 minute video on some aspect of board management, donor relations, etc. The comments section under each topic permits sharing of ideas among the subscribers.

Peace Corps Volunteer Voices

Weekly stories written and read by Peace Corps Volunteers who served around the world.

Sesame Street introduces the concept of "volunteer" with Elmo and guest Usher
The Voluntourist Talkcast

David Clemmons, founder of hosts guests from both the volunteerism sector and the tourism industry to discuss the rapidly growing trend of voluntourism.  The VolunTourist Talkcast is live weekly from 10am - 11am ET, but the complete archive of past shows is accessible from the same page.

Volunteering Queensland TV

Short videos highlighting volunteering in Queensland, Australia.