CIMA Volunteers Insurance

CIMA Volunteer Insurance

Volunteers sometimes are injured, injure someone else or damage someone’s property, or are at fault in a vehicle accident while volunteering. Often, their own insurance is not enough to take care of the damage. Our unique program allows you to protect your volunteers without having to include them on your organization’s own insurance policies. Including volunteers on your policies increases the organization’s risk. By insuring them separately, you not only improve your organization’s own insurance protection but also provide volunteers a valuable benefit.

We offer the following three coverages, individually or in any combination:

  • Volunteer liability, in case volunteers are charged with injuring someone or damaging someone’s property. The coverage includes defense against allegations of sexual molestation.
  • Excess automobile liability, in case volunteers are at fault in an accident while driving on your behalf. Many volunteers carry only state-mandated minimum liability limits on their own policies, which can be woefully inadequate in a serious accident.
  • Accident medical reimbursement, in case volunteers are injured on their assignments. Our program is a much less costly alternative to workers’ compensation coverage.

You simply insure the greatest number of volunteers you expect to have at any given time. The total cost, if you choose all three coverages, is less than you would spend on lunch and a t-shirt for those volunteers. You also have access to a variety of resources to help you manage the risk exposures that nonprofit organizations often have.

If you would like for your local insurance agent or broker to place the volunteer insurance coverage on your behalf, that’s fine. Over 500 agents have chosen to insure their nonprofit customers’ volunteers with us. The cost to you is the same, either way.

We have been in continuous operation more than forty years, and serve over 5,000 organizations.

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