European Websites to Register Volunteer Opportunities

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Supports more than one country

General: any and all types of volunteering

European Volunteer Center

The European Volunteer Center maintains a linked list of volunteer opportunity databases in many European countries.


General: any and all types of volunteering

Freiwilligenzentren Österreich

Volunteer opportunities registry for Austria.


General: any and all types of volunteering

Plate-Forme Francophone du Volontariat

Devoted to French-speaking volunteering across Belgium, this site offers a "classifieds" section to let organizations post volunteer opportunities.


General: any and all types of volunteering

I volunteer Croatia!

National volunteer opportunities registry for Croatia.


General: any and all types of volunteering

Pan Cyprian Volunteering Portal

Volunteer opportiunity registry for Cyprus, in English and Norwegian.


General: any and all types of volunteering

Frivilligjob dk

Online volunteer opportunity registry for Denmark.


General: any and all types of volunteering

Vabatahtlike Varav

Volunteering gateway for Estonia.


General: any and all types of volunteering

France Benevolat/Volunteering France

French national network of 80 volunteer centers and 6,000 organizations, with volunteer opportunities registry.


General: any and all types of volunteering

Aktion Mensch

Full volunteer opportunities registry and search site for Germany.

Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement (BBE)

The National Network for Civic Engagement (BBE) is an association of civil society, government and business organizations seeking to promote sustainable civil society and civic engagement in all social and political areas.


General: any and all types of volunteering

Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány (National Volunteer Center)

The National Volunteer Center of Hungary runs a volunteer opportunity registry (the link here takes you to the page for organizations to post their openings).


General: any and all types of volunteering

Volunteer Ireland

Registry on the site of Volunteering Ireland.


General: any and all types of volunteering


Site for volunteering in Latvia, allowing both organizations to register opportunities and individuals to post their own availability.


General: any and all types of volunteering

Le Portail du Benevolat

Volunteering portal for Luxemburg, in French and German.


General: any and all types of volunteering

Free Force

Online registry for volunteering in the Netherlands.


General: any and all types of volunteering


Spanish-language online database of volunteering opportunities at various organizations, mostly in Spain, as well as extensive information on virtual volunteering. Related projects:,,

Volunteer opportunties for Spain.


General: any and all types of volunteering


Registry for Sweden.

United Kingdom

General: any and all types of volunteering

Charity Choice

Site allowing individuals to offer their talents, services, and goods to charities.

Craigslist (UK)

Cluttered but chock-full site that permits free posting of all sorts of classified ads, with a category clearly noted as "volunteers." As of mid 2004 only London is listed, but more UK cities are planned.


The UK’s largest Web site for volunteering opportunities.


Social media site for the volunteer community in the UK. One purpose is to allow organizations to post volunteer opportunities and for individuals to offer their skills to organizations.

Northern Ireland: Volunteer NOW

Volunteer opportunities directory with options to list ongoing and "turn up and try" activities.

Reach...Skilled Volunteers

Offering UK organizations the chance to request professional skill services from volunteers.

Third Sector Volunteering

"Charities can post their volunteering vacancies through our recruiter services and would-be volunteers can search from hundreds of exciting opportunities that match the skills they have developed in their daily working life to positively impact a charity."

Volunteer Scotland

National volunteering resource for Scotland with a full volunteer opportunities registry.

Volunteering Wales

National site for Wales, including a volunteer opportunities registry.

Worldwide Helpers

UK-based site fostering partnerships between volunteers and charitable organizations worldwide. It attempts to remove financial barriers of volunteering by listing only low/no cost projects.

Specializing in a specific type of volunteer work, setting or skill

Career Volunteer

UK site to " to make it easier for you to search and recruit trustees, skilled volunteers, potential mentors, and Board Members for your charity, NGO or social enterprise...By skilled volunteers we mean people who can provide pro bono assistance in specialist areas - marketing, finance, fundraising, strategy or people with technical abilities in other professions." Career Volunteer gives you access to fully funded expertise and Board-level skills from outside the sector, provided on a pro bono basis -- candidates are drawn from large corporates participating and funding the programme. Do place volunteers internationally.

Join In (UK)

"We connect amazing people with local sports clubs who need their help"  UK sports organizations are welcome to post their needs for volunteers on this free site.

Virtual and Micro-volunteering Only


Specifically to connect charities to volunteers skilled in public relations and communication. Create all types of matches, but also have a microvolunteering smart phone app, BrightWorks.

Help from Home

Microvolunteering site.