The Abundant Not-for-Profit

How Talent (Not Money) Will Transform Your Organization

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This book will help you:
  • Understand the concept of "knowledge philanthropy" and how to create a "people lens" culture in your organization
  • Attract and engage an unlimited pool of talented people willing to contribute their skills and expertise
  • Fully integrate talented people (whether paid or unpaid) throughout your organization

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Comments from Readers

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Ben Fertig, Irvine Nature Center, Dr., Baltimore

At our first monthly staff meeting after the summer break each of us was challenged to state one goal for the coming FY. Mine is to (draft) our organization's first Strategic Plan for Volunteers with emphasis on Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition to integrate volunteers into all aspects of the organization. Not exactly sure yet how to do this, but am hoping this book will help provide some inspiration.

Submitted on
Cara Thenot, Publications Director, Energize, Inc., Philadelphia, United States

Hello Beth,

Thanks for your comment.  The Abundant Not-for-profit is a great resource for thinking through how your organization should be engaging people to reach its mission.  You might also consider "Leading the Way to Successful Volunteer Involvement" (  It's written for execs/ top leaders but could be easily followed by a leader of volunteer involvement about ways to create a culture of engagement throughout the organization.  Also, chapter 7 is a set of worksheets for helping to "Integrate volunteers throughout your organization."  Best of luck!

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