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E-Books (PDF)

Book coverLeading the Way to Successful Volunteer Involvement

Workbook of checklists, worksheets, idea stimulators, and other practical tools for senior-level leaders to incorporate volunteer involvement as a key ingredient in the overall strategy of an organization.

book cover Measuring the Impact of VolunteersMeasuring the Impact of Volunteers

Presents the innovative Volunteer Resources Balanced Scorecard measurement and planning tool for aligning volunteer effort with organizational goals and effectively assessing the impact of that effort. 

Book coverMeasuring Up

Dozens of forms to assess volunteer involvement in your organization including forms for agency readiness for volunteers, volunteer feedback, assessing organizational climate, and personal satisfaction in your job. 

Book coverModel Volunteer Handbook

Detailed guide about developing a handbook for new volunteers, with specific suggested topics and examples of policy statements.

Patrons, Presidents and PersonalitiesPatrons, Presidents and Personalities

Unique and helpful guide to the challenge of working with celebrities who endorse or fundraise as volunteers for your organization – maximize the rewards, minimize the risks.

Book coverA People Lens

Sprinkled with true stories of innovative volunteer engagement, best-practice tips, and perspectives from agency leaders and volunteers, this book will change how you think about engaging highly-skilled volunteers.

Proof PositiveProof Positive

The basics of a volunteer recordkeeping system: the why and how of application forms, volunteer data files, assignment records, time and activity reports, proving impact.

Book coverRaising Charitable Children

Warmly provides practical tips for adults to share the gifts of generosity, selflessness, and compassion with children of all ages and get past the gimme-gimme mind-set.

Recognizing Volunteers and Paid StaffRecognizing Volunteers and Paid Staff

Ten keys to recognizing volunteers, ends with a list of lots and lots of actions you can take to say thank you.

Running a Safe and Effective Mentoring ProgramRunning a Safe and Effective Mentoring Program

Clear and streamlined guide to developing a youth mentoring program of excellence, taking you from vision to recruitment, matching, retention, and evaluation.

Secrets of Successful BoardsThe Secrets of Successful Boards

A Boards 101 book for trustees new to boards, for leaders of all-volunteer associations, or for anyone starting a nonprofit from the ground up, with chapters by ten well-known authorities on boards.

Secrets of Successful FundraisingSecrets of Successful Fundraising

Nineteen top fundraising professionals clearly explain all your options for increasing your revenue and promoting your organization.

Secrets of Successful RetreatsSecrets of Successful Retreats

A step-by-step guide to planning and facilitating a productive off-site retreat for boards and other volunteers, paid management and line staff, or any combination thereof.

Book coverSelf-Help Accounting, 2nd Edition

A how-to guide to fulfilling the role of board treasurer, written in simple, clear language for the non-accountant.

Share of Mind, Share of HeartShare of Mind, Share of Heart

A compact guide providing insight into nonprofit marketing and practical tools for engaging volunteers and paid staff in shaping the organization's image and brand.

special setSpecial Set: Executive Role in Volunteer Involvement

TWO great books for ONE special price. Put From the Top Down principles to work with Leading the Way worksheets and tools. 

Stalking the Elusive ExecStalking the Elusive Executive (FREE)

Free e-publication - A dozen tips written mainly for volunteer resources managers who need help in gaining administrative support, even to get their bosses to read a book on the topic of volunteers.


Ideas for how young people can discover what they care about, gain support, and implement a plan for change.

Strategic Volunteer EngagementStrategic Volunteer Engagement

Based on a research study of executive directors, this report makes a strong case for investing in volunteer effectiveness and introduces a new a Volunteer Involvement FrameworkTM with which to plan future volunteer engagement.

Things We Love about VolunteersThings We Love About Volunteers

Twenty-five color cartoons that celebrate the commitment and compassion of volunteers.

Volunteer Speed MatchingA Toolkit for Volunteer Speed Matching

Think speed dating meets volunteer recruiting! One clever volunteer center outside of London produced this Toolkit for the perfect, fun and upbeat recruiting event.

Training Busy StaffTraining Busy Staff to Succeed with Volunteers - Complete Set

12 ready-to-deliver, but completely adaptable, training sessions for teaching paid staff the fundamentals of working with volunteers in your setting.

Training Busy Staff to Succeed with Volunteers (Limited Multi-Use License Option)

Options for volunteer centers, trainers, and national organizations to be allowed repeated use of these 12 ready-to-deliver  training sessions for teaching paid staff the fundamentals of working with volunteers.

Training Module 1: Designing Positions for Volunteers

Designed to sensitize volunteers and staff to the significance of written volunteer position descriptions.

Training Module 2: Volunteer Recruitment

Explores targeted volunteer recruitment: develop a strategy of invitation to reach the best people to fill your volunteer positions.

Training Module 3: Interviewing Volunteers

Designed to examine the need for interviewing and screening volunteers and to share the basic process and skills necessary to do it effectively.

Training Module 4: Volunteer Motivation

Explores why people volunteer and teaches how to respect and respond to differences in motivational needs.

Training Module 5: Supervising Volunteers

Identifies the basic skills and characteristics of good volunteer supervision, clarifies the supervisor's role with volunteers, and explores methods and systems for carrying out this role.

Training Module 6: Orienting and Training Volunteers

Explores the rationale and elements of volunteer orientation and training, and how to deal with the challenges inherent in training today's volunteers.

Training Module 7: Delegating to Volunteers

Explores the values of responsible delegation and teaches procedures and techniques for doing it well.

Training Module 8: Mutual Performance Reviews

Explores why people volunteer and teaches how to respect and respond to differences in motivational needs.

Training Module 9: Handling Volunteer Performance Problems

Identifies some of the causes of volunteer performance problems and examines options for dealing with volunteer performance gaps.

Training Module 10: Volunteer Program Evaluation

Discusses the purpose and values of a volunteer program evaluation and helps identify the steps needed to carry out an evaluation.

Training Module 11: Risk Management in Volunteer Programs

Shares the importance of adhering to policies and procedures for managing risk in a volunteer program, as well as suggestions for controlling, alleviating or diminishing risk.

Training Module 12: Volunteer Recognition

Helps salaried and volunteer staff appreciate the significance of meaningful recognition and to generate creative formal and informal ways to acknowledge volunteers and staff.