Baby Boomers

The largest segment of the population, born just after World War II, has been of great interest to the volunteer world and is now moving into retirement. Here are resources specific to this younger group of seniors, but also see the larger picture under "Older Volunteers" (since people are living well into their 90s these days).

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A wave of retired baby boomers is volunteering as docents at museums—but they sometimes go rogue; ‘Like Mutiny on the Bounty’

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study by AARP on the extent of volunteering by older Americans, including informal helping and attention to ethnic minorities.
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Coming of Age

This program from the Temple University Center for Intergenerational Learning focuses on improving the quality of life for people over age 50, including providing them with challenging volunteer opportunities. There are reports on Boomer volunteering and a blog that addresses many issues.

Regeneration: Recruiting Older Americans to Serve the Public Good

Compilation of many articles about senior volunteers, Boomers, etc.

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