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Statistics on Volunteering

United States | Outside US  | Multi-Country

World Volunteer Web -- International Research Studies
Extensive -- and intriguing -- list of studies on volunteerism in dozens of countries around the developed and developing world, compiled by this site run through United Nations Volunteers.

United States

Volunteering in America
Interactive site from the Corporation for National and Community Servixce, offering data on volunteering, rankings of states and cities, and volunteer trends and demographic information for every state and 162 large and mid-sized cities.  Data for 2010 just released, August 2011.

Volunteering in America:  State Trends and Rankings 2002-2005
Published by the Corporation for National and Community Service in 2006.

Volunteering in the United States 2007 or download as a PDF: 
Annual report compiled by the US Department of Labor and released each December (since 2002). Based on new data collected in a supplement to the Current Population Survey (CPS). 

Independent Sector Giving and Volunteering Study, 2001

Independent Sector Survey on Teen Volunteering:

AARP Survey on Volunteering by Older Americans:
2003: Time and Money: An In-Depth Look at 45+ Volunteers and Donors:

Volunteering in Michigan:

Outside US

Australia: Data on Voluntary Work
Compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 

2004: and

Australia: Volunteering in Victoria Fact Sheet (Australia, 2005)


For information on this topic specifically relating to the Australasian region please visit our friends at OzVPM:

Canada:  Survey on Volunteering and Giving

The Canadian Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector in Comparative Perspective
Includes a good bit of data on Canadian volunteering.  Published 2005 by Imagine Canada.
Various reports from the National Survey of Giving, Volunteering, and Participating in Canada

Patterns of Volunteering Over the Life Cycle, by Kevin Selbee and Paul B. Reed, Statistics Canada (2001)

New Zealand

Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector, providing various statistical reports, at

How New Zealanders Give data and the Quarterly Generosity Indicators is

Singapore:  2004 Survey on Volunteering


United Kingdom:

Visit the Institute for Volunteering Research website for research bulletins, publications, and more.



Resources for Research in Volunteerism
World Volunteer Web (UNV) provides links to international volunteer-related research studies, institutes, and journals, plus toolkits for conducting statistical surveys.

Summary of giving and volunteering in 5 countries:



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