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September 2014

Ten Time-Tested Volunteer Recruitment Tips that Still Work

Finding the right volunteers has always been a priority – and  the basic  principles of recruitment never change.   Susan shares ten timeless recommendations we shouldn’t neglect.

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e-Volunteerism Journal: July-September 2014 Issue

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Reflections and Recollections: A Quarter Century in Australia's Volunteer World

Former volunteer coordinator: “We used to accept pretty much anyone who was warm and breathing as a volunteer.” Former volunteer: “Yes, and we volunteers never quite knew what our day would look like or involve, until we arrived and waited to be handed our jobs!” Australian pioneer Louise Rogers reflects...

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It Takes Two to Tango: Building Successful Relationships between Volunteers and Paid Staff

Trainer: Susan J. Ellis (for the late Ivan H. Scheier)
One of the most critical issues in volunteer management is how to get employees and volunteers to be more enthusiastic about and supportive of each other. This Guide, originally written for Everyone Ready by the much-missed Ivan Scheier and now updated by Susan Ellis, examines the root causes of possible tension, acknowledges the employee perspective, and offers a process for building teamwork....learn more


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