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Many of the resources on diversity and inclusion take a universal approach, covering all sorts of characteristics that might mean "difference," depending on the context.  Therefore, any of the materials and sites here may be helpful, even if they seem to focus on certain types of diversity.  We have, however, deparated out those resources that deal specifically with physical and mental disabilities.

Other Energize resources on this topic: Books | e-Volunteerism articles

Racial, Ethnic, Gender, Economic and Cultural Diversity

Articles and book excerpts on this subject

Free electronic books on this subject

A Matter of Survival:  Volunteering By, In, and With Low-Income Communities
Points of Light Foundation, 36-page PDF, 2000.

Collective Leadership Framework
A workbook designed to familiarize community organizers with the process of developing collective leadership across the traditional boundaries of race, class, gender and culture. A publication of the Kellogg Leadership for Community Change project.

Community Treasures: Recognizing the Contributions of Older Immigrants and Refugees
Report from Temple University's Center for Intergenerational Learning on a study to gain a better understanding of why and how older immigrants contribute to their families and communities and to identify promising practices that support the engagement of immigrant elders in meaningful roles (64-page PDF, 2008).

Diverse Communities, Active Lives
A comprehensive guide about volunteering and community participation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, from Beyond Barriers in Scotland.

Mahi Aroha: Maori Perspectives on Volunteering and Cultural Obligations 
from the New Zealand Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector (61 page PDF, 2007) 

Recruiting and Supporting Latino Volunteers
by Beverly Hobbs, 4-H Youth Specialist, Oregon State University.  PDF format.

Recruiting Male Volunteers: A Guide Based on Exploratory Research (pdf file)
Assesses factors that increase male volunteering in service programs and offers concrete approaches to overcoming barriers and designing programs that are attractive to males.

SALTO's Inclusion for ALL Youth Work Booklets
Over a dozen practical, free manuals to support (international) Inclusion Projects for socially excluded young people, from SALTO-YOUTH (Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities within the European YOUTH programme).

Thinking about Diversity and Equality: A Guide for the Voluntary Sector
by Adam May, 22-page Word Document, 2005

Turn Your Organisation into a Volunteer Magnet, 2nd ed.
Edited by Andy Fryar, Rob Jackson, and Fraser Dyer (2007, 204 pp.) Essays from contributing volunteer managers around the world on attracting the best and most diverse volunteers and then working with them successfully.

Youth Helping America — Leveling the Path to Participation: Volunteering and Civic Engagement Among Youth From Disadvantaged Circumstances from the Corporation for National and Community Service (2007, 32-pages).

Web sites with useful articles on this subject

African-American Philanthropy: A Bibliography and Resource List
Excellent resources compiled by the Foundation Center.

Diversity Links
The Minnesota Council on Foundations has compiled links to Web sites and resources for philanthropy by diverse communities and cultures, including African-Americans, American Indians, Asian/Pacific Island Americans, Latino/Hispanic Americans, Lesbians & Gays, the Disability Community, and others.

Diversity Module of the VM3 Online Learning Site
Walk through of the issues in gaining volunteer diversity (based on The Media Trust's television series in the UK), with case studies, checklists, activities, and resources.

Diversity Trends – free articles
Trainer/consultant Tracy Brown (often speaks at volunteering conferences) offers practical information for dealing with diversity, as well as a free weekly e-mail “diversity toolkit tune up.”

LGBT Consortium (UK)
Have created an entire Web area with free downloadable resources called collectively: Volunteering on a Shoestring (not another toolkit!). Written in 2008 for the LGBT community but applicable to any setting, especially those at the grassroots level. Includes PDF guides, templates and case studies.

MEM-VOL Migrant and Ethnic Minority Volunteering
Reports from a trans-Europe research project from 2002-2006.

Mind the Gap
A new (2004) London-wide campaign to raise awareness among black and minority ethnic communities about how to volunteer as well as the benefits of giving time - for the individual, local communities and society as a whole. 

SALTO Training Toolbox
Large number of group training exercises on all aspects of diversity and youth action from.

Service-Learning Diversity/Equity Project
The National Youth Leadership Council's efforts at examining diversity in service-learning programs, with several excellent downloadable reports and articles of relevance to any setting or type of volunteer work.

Stronger Together:  Recruiting and Working with Ethnocultural Volunteers
Online manual by the Central Volunteer Bureau of Ottawa-Carleton (Canada) about how to make volunteer programs attractive and accessible to ethnic minority volunteers, based on input from program managers with experience.

Volunteers with Physical and Mental Disabilities

Articles and book excerpts on this subject

Free electronic books on this subject

Can Do! Volunteering:  A Guide to Including Young Disabled People as Volunteers
72-page guide from UK's leading services for people with disabilities, Leonard Chesire and Scope (2006).

Inclusion: Creating an Inclusive Environment
12-chapter handbook (+ 4 appendices) for the inclusion of people with disabilities from the National Service Resource Center (US).  Although written for national and community service programs, the material is adaptable to any setting, discussing outreach, recruitment, selection, and retention of participants with disabilities. Download entire manual in one PDF or as 16 PDF sections.

Mental Health, Volunteering and Social Inclusion, a CSV Report (April 2008, UK, 28 pg.)

Web sites with useful articles on this subject

UK site focused on "supported volunteering" (which they define as " an organised effort to overcome the barriers to volunteering faced by a group of individuals with common support needs"), assembling a collection of tools, resources and ideas that might be useful to any group or individual looking to establish or maintain a supported volunteering project.

Scope’s Inclusive Volunteering Programme
Scope is an activist disability organization in England and Wales whose focus is people with cerebral palsy, but with the broader aim “that disabled people achieve equality: a society in which they are as valued and have the same human and civil rights as everyone else.” The Inclusive Volunteer Programme is a special project to expand volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities.

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