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Profession/Field of Volunteer Management

Books on this topic

See also Role of Director of Volunteers
Articles about the profession can be found in our Periodicals listings.

  • FAQ:  What's the salary range for a Director of Volunteer  Resources? 
  • Answer:  It depends on your field and what managers are paid in your specific setting (you should be paid at a management level -- see Susan's Hot Topic about this). 

There are periodic salary surveys produced for the nonprofit sector.  Unfortunately, the majority of such surveys do not include a question about the pay rate for a volunteer resources manager. These days, the salary reports are only available for a fee (we had to remove broken links to older reports that are no longer online).  If we find any new valid surveys relevant to volunteer management, we will post them here.  If you know of any, please give us the links so we can inform everyone.

Free electronic books on this subject

Web sites with information on professional issues in the field of volunteer administration:

Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services (Healthcare)
The certification program of the American Hospital Association for people who direct volunteer services in healthcare settings.

The Commission on the Future of Volunteering
Established in 2006 by the England Volunteering Development Council to develop a long term vision for volunteering in England as a legacy of the Year of the Volunteer 2005.

Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration
Advances the profession and practice of volunteer resource management by certifying individuals who demonstrate knowledge and competence in the leadership of volunteers. Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA) is an international credential awarded to practitioners with at least 3 years of experience who successfully complete an exam and written portfolio process.  Originally developed by the Association for Volunteer Administration (AVA) several decades ago, the credentialing program is now sponsored by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration. See their Web site for details on dates throughout the year for new groups and qualifications.

Nonprofit Management Education: Current Offerings in University Based Programs
A summary of the educational opportunities in the US for nonprofit management, including courses in volunteer management and discussion of academic issues.

Action Without Borders/, partnering with Energize, launched the

Volunteer Management Resource Center - - in 2007 as a comprehensive site focusing on the role of the volunteer program manager .


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