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Also see Books and e-Volunteerism articles on this topic

Articles and book excerpts on this subject

Free electronic books on this subject:

A History of Nonprofit Boards in the United States
30-page PDF by Peter Dobkin Hall (BoardSource, 2003)

Web sites with useful information on this subject

"Anti" Volunteerism Positions and Arguments
Collected by the Ayn Rand Institute:

Codes of Ethics
The Chronicle of Philanthropy has compiled this list of online resources for creating codes of ethics.

Ethics Q&A Archives – “Doing Good Right”
From CharityVillage NewsWeek (Canada), this archive of questions and answers to ethical questions by Jane Garthson focuses on sticky issues confronted by nonprofit boards.

Famous and Celebrity Philanthropists
Brief bio notes and links on the Youth in Philanthropy site of The Foundation Center.

Helping the Poor: Friendly visiting, dole charities and dole queues
155-page PDF by Robert Whelan for Civitas: Institute for the Study of Civil Society, London, 2001, examining the roots of organized charity in England from the "volunteer person of leisure" to paid social workers.

Historical Sketches, Essays and Pamphlets
Archival material from the IUPUI University Library's Philanthropy Resources Online collection.

The English-language site of the volunteer resource center in the Czech Republic on which there are several provocative articles about the meaning of volunteering in socialist and formerly-communist countries.

Schools of Citizenship: Charity and Civic Virtue
70-page PDF by Frank Prochaska for Civitas: Institute for the Study of Civil Society, London, 2002, thoughtfully examining the history of voluntary collective action in Britain versus the rise of the welfare state.

The Serious Leisure Perspective
Canadian academic William A. Stebbins has devoted his career to studying the connection of leisure to work and volunteering, as well as professional to amateur.  The site offers a wealth of materials, including a  Digital Library of many articles.

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