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Interviewing and Screening Volunteers

Books on this topic

Articles and excerpts on this subject

Web sites with useful articles on this subject

Tips for interviewing potential employees or volunteers from the Community Services Council of Newfoundland and Labrador

Interviewing Volunteers
10 page booklet from Voluntary Action-Leeds (UK)

MENTOR: Components of Volunteer Screening
Detailed description of the interviewing and screening process, including reference and background checks.

Pandora's Box
All about preventing child sexual abuse, with a complete section on US national fingerprint check legislation and resources.

Strategy for Interviewing Volunteers
Sample questions and other suggestions (keep scrolling through the pages) from Literacy Partners of Manitoba

Volunteer Canada's Safe Steps Screening Program
Volunteer Canada's Safe Steps Screening Program provides an easy-to-use method for organizations to ensure that the people they serve are safe. This page also links to information on laws and screening, a screening Q&A, and other resources.

Volunteer Interviewing Scenarios

Written by Steve McCurley

Volunteer Management FAQs

Site maintained by Carter MacNamara. Scroll to sections on Screening Volunteers and Selecting ("Hiring") Volunteers

Volunteer Screening Blog
This blog, on the site of a screening service, discusses a variety of issues relating to background checks and interviewing volunteers, using real-life situations.

Commercial service for conducting background checks on volunteers that includes a "best practices" resource section.

What Is Screening?
Excellent overview of the rationale for and steps of effective volunteer screening from Volunteer Canada.  Includes "Screening in Faith" PDF for faith communities.

Relevant Hot Topic essays?

Unskilled vs. Differently Skilled: Maximize Volunteer Differences – Nov ‘00


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