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Volunteer Training Tools

See also, Books on this topic and Training Design archive of e-Volunteerism

Articles and book excerpts on this subject

Free electronic books on this subject

Facilitated Discussions:  A Volunteer Management Workbook, guide from Volunteer Canada on how to consult stakeholders in the development, design, delivery or review of service and programs (37-pg. PDF)

How to Run a Workshop, by Maeve Moynihan, Jean-Jaques Guilbert, Bryan Walker, and Adi Walker of Network Learning. This 35-page manual guides activists through the decision-making and action procedures of running a workshop. It includes planning the workshop content, planning the administration and facilitating and running the workshop. (PDF)

Web sites with information on this subject

Charity Days UK
Fascinating program in the UK offering a group of professional trainers who have volunteered to give their time free of charge to registered charities to help them "ake a bigger difference by making the training budget go further." Training Materials
Online registry of Christian volunteer opportunities run through TechMission, this site offers a variety of free training materials for volunteers and program managers, including PowerPoint shows, videos, Webcasts, and templates.

ConventionPlanIt Stellar Tips
Archive of dozens of practical tips from professional convention planners that are applicable to any conference or training event.

Explore is “a philanthropic community whose mission is to champion the selfless acts of others” by documenting leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes.  Its growing library of more than 250 original films and 30,000 photographs from around the world features a wide range of topics and everything can be used free of charge for motivation and training.

Hello, My Name is Scott
Unusual, funny, and wise Web site devoted to the power and uses of nametags (yes, nametags).  See the free article section.

NVSC Training Materials Database
Wide range of free learning materials from Australia's National Volunteer Skills Centre.

SALTO Training Toolbox
Large number of group training exercises on all aspects of diversity and youth action.

Story at Fleece
Site devoted to organizational storytelling as a tool to building community, orienting new members, and passing on organizational values and culture.

Training Games
60+ fun group learning activities from consultant/trainer Thiagi.  See also his "Tips for Facilitators":

Voluntary Matters 1+2

Voluntary Matters 3
Online learning sites supporting community television programmes of The Media Trust in the UK, focused on volunteer management.  Innovative use of case studies, discussion questions, off-line activities, and resources.

Volunteers: The Backbone of Community Initiatives
Training design for 6 modules on volunteer management, including trainer notes and participant manual.  From the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


"I Can Volunteer" - Project Angel Food
A fun song and dance number from Project Angel Food, which engages and entertains the new volunteer, while poviding the basic operational knowledge he or she will need to have.

Relevant Hot Topic essays

For information on this topic specifically relating to the Australasian region please visit our friends at OzVPM :


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