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Websites Where You Can List Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to these sites, check out your local volunteer center's Web site as many have now started online directories of opportunities in their own geographic area.

Global-Genl | Global-Specific | Micro-volunteering

US-Genl | US-Specific | Canada | Mexico

Africa | Asia  | Australia/NewZealand | Europe | India | South America

Note:  Many of the sites listed here, while serving prospective volunteers in their own country, permit posting of opportunities in other parts of the world.  So if you are hoping to attract people who might volunteer with you on a vacation or while in your country on business, try putting your recruitment message on a site in their home location.

Please help us keep this list current by letting us know of other registries,

especially outside the United States.

Global Opportunities (general)

Action Without Borders (Idealist)
Offers a database that allows nonprofits to list their volunteer opportunities throughout the world.

Go Overseas
Go Overseas is the Yelp/Trip Advisor for programs abroad: We list every volunteer, study, teach & intern abroad program in the world, with ratings/reviews and more. Our goal is to help people make more informed and educated decisions when choosing between programs abroad.


Unique international program offering the management of volunteers for nonprofit conferences and events, at no charge except expenses.  For eligibility details and a summary of their work, see:

Links for Change
New site - allows organizations to list their volunteer needs, and helps match them with appropriate volunteers.

Online Volunteering service
A free service provided by the United Nations Volunteers programme that connects development organizations with online volunteers. Volunteers can apply to hundreds of online opportunities. Organizations can post assignments and access worldwide expertise

Soziale Helfer
A website listing volunteer work in social work and health care for Germany. The user can add offers and requests for free.

Take Part
With the tagline "Inspiration to Action." An independent online community that connects its members directly to the issues that inspire them to engage, contribute and take action.

True Travellers Society
A Canadian not-for-profit organization dedicated to connecting people to global volunteer/opportunities and building an online community of likeminded individuals who can share this information. Accessing all the information and becoming a member are both free. After becoming a member, organizations can post volunteer opportunities.

Universal Giving
Supports internationally-focused NGOs through donations and volunteer time. Qualified organizations may register opportunities at:

Volunteer Abroad Africa
Whether you are looking for a change of career, a year-out, a chance to improve your skills and experience or you are an organization looking for a volunteer, we can help.

Volunteers for Prosperity
Bush Administration initiative designed to mobilize skilled American volunteers to meet health and prosperity needs around the world in shorter, more flexible assignments than Peace Corps. International organizations (and American organizations sending volunteers abroad) can register placement opportunities. assists volunteers in sidestepping profit orientated volunteer agencies by listing locally based hostels worldwide that link guests to volunteer projects within the community for no extra cost.

World Wide Helpers
Volunteers can search low cost and no cost projects for free and non profits post your projects for free.

Global Opportunities (with a specific focus)

Christian Volunteering
Run by TechMission, aims to "match hundreds of thousands of volunteers with urban ministries and short term missions opportunities."  Organizations across the US and internationally may post opportunities as a local volunteer, virtual volunteer, short term missionary, or intern.

Cisco Corporation
Invites nonprofit and non-governmental organizations around the world to submit volunteer opportunities specifically to publicize them to employees of Cisco, individually or in teams.

HealthCare Volunteer
A free portal to connect health professionals (or all kinds) to volunteering opportunities around the world. Organizations may post opportunities to recruit health care volunteers.  See the instructions at

Organizations can post international volunteer opportunities for free on this site.

Jolly People
Promotes charity events around the world, particularly single-day and celebrity-based activities for fundraising.

MD Charity Match
Site specifically focused on recruiting and placing medical doctors into volunteer positions anywhere in the world. Post opportunities at


Sites specializing in service that can be done in small amounts of time, usually (but not always) online or via smart phone.  While the sites often are geographically based, the nature of online service makes them global as well.


To help activists and nonprofits make the most use of Facebook to reach donors and volunteers.

Help from Home



The "microvolunteering network" run by The Extraordinaries, that specifically helps organizations and online volunteers connect for microvolunteering opportunties.

Spots of Time

Especially for brief off-line service.  UK-based.


Opportunities in the USA (general)

In addition to the sites below, check out your local volunteer center's Web site as many have now started online directories of opportunities in their local area.
Portal site connecting to volunteer centers that have online databases for volunteer opportunities in their local areas. Click through to each city and follow each set of instructions to post a volunteer opportunity in that area.

All for Good
Aggregates postings from several major web volunteer opportunitiy registries, but also allows organizations to submit listings directly.
Nonprofits register for online donations and to post their volunteer opportunities.

A for-profit company creating Web-based community guides for selected cities in the U.S. (and expanding to other countries as well). If your organization is in a CitySearch city and involves a large number of volunteers, you can post your volunteer opportunities on the CitySearch Web site for your area, and have a link from CitySearch to your own Web site (as applicable).

Cluttered but chock-full site that permits free posting of all sorts of classified ads, with a category clearly noted as "volunteers."  Click on your city of choice from the growing list - now adding Canada and the UK, too.

Welcomes posting of paid and volunteer internships of all kinds; free to nonprofits.

A social platform for civic engagement that focuses on connecting communities. Free for organizations to post opportunities and volunteers to verify and track hours.

One Brick
Brings volunteers together to support local non-profit organizations, with a twist:  after each volunteer event -- which typically lasts 3 to 4 hours -- volunteersare invited to gather at a local restaurant or café where they can get to know one another in a relaxed social setting.  Has chapters in NY, DC, Chicago, and SF, and is expanding.

A web site linking individuals looking to volunteer with non-profits in their area looking for help. Visitors search by area code.

Focuses on volunteerism and community service, including a place to post volunteer opportunities.

SmartVolunteer is a New York-based non-profit organization dedicated to matching skilled professionals with volunteer opportunities at nonprofits and charities.  Our database of volunteers and nonprofits is growing each day.  Registering with us will ensure maximum exposure.

Volunteer Match
The largest online database of volunteer opportunities, both on site and virtual, sponsored by Impact Online. VolunteerMatch is forming partnerships with other Web portals and therefore registering with VolunteerMatch assures that you are, in effect, "cross-posted" on many other sites. However, VolunteerMatch only accepts U.S. opportunities.

Volunteer Solutions
Portal helping local Volunteer Centers connect individuals to volunteer opportunities in their communities. Users first find the database for their zip code and then are taken to where they can register (or search) volunteer opportunities locally.

Opportunities in the USA (specific interest)

A site "revolutionizing the way nonprofit boards and new leaders find each other." Nonprofits can post their board member vacancies and individuals interested in board service can browse what might suit their interests.

Break Away
A site promoting quality university semester break experiences.

Catchafire matches professionals who want to volunteer their skills with  nonprofits who need their help.


Jobs and volunteer opportunities "where others only visit," such as parks and environmental projects.

Make A Difference Day
Each October, sponsored by USA Weekend. Includes a database of volunteer opportunities for the Day.

Innovative site that assists in "organizing local gatherings about anything, anywhere." This free service already has community volunteer topics listed and would be an approach to test if you are seeking people with very special interests.  Also enable "volunteerists" to get together to plan community service projects (

Nerd World
May sound like a joke, but this site for the self-proclaimed "nerdly lifestyle" lists hundreds of volunteer opportunities.

On Your Feet Project
To engage young adults in community service and activism by educating them about diverse nonprofit organizations and creating opportunities for direct community involvement.  Chapters in New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston.

Single Volunteers
Each local group has a Website and encourages postings from agencies.

Sweat Monkey
Focused on connecting students to local organizations.  Still in start-up mode as of mid 2009.

Web portal for federal government volunteer opportunities in the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Defense, Interior, and Veterans Affairs, and the Corporation for National and Community Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and U.S.A. Freedom Corps.

Volunteer America

Opportunities to volunteer through a variety of government agencies (see list at

Working for Change Activism Opportunities
Listing of political advocacy issues and how to do something about them. Focuses on online action.

Opportunities in Canada

Cluttered but chock-full site that permits free posting of all sorts of classified ads, with a category clearly noted as "volunteers."  This URL takes you to the Montreal page; click on for Toronto and Vancouver (more cities planned).

Get Involved!
A networking website that hooks up Canadian volunteers with not-for-profits in need.

Good Work!
Post to a daily e-mailing to over 2,000 people seeking opportunities in environment, sustainable living, organics, food issues, peace and human rights.

The Interchange
Linking Christian volunteers and organizations in Canada and abroad.


Microvolunteering opportunities.™
Created by 2010 Legacies Now to ensure thousands of experienced and enthusiastic event volunteers in time for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and that every community can build their own group of event volunteers.  Organizations may list special event opportunities at the site.

Opportunities in India



Opportunities in Mexico

Opportunities in Africa

Volunteer 4 Africa
To inquire about listing your organization's volunteer opportunity in Africa on this site, contact them via email.


Desire of Ages Volunteer Network


Opportunities in Asia



Online registry run by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Center.  

The Kind Exchange
Informal online "meeting place" to help professionals volunteer for ad hoc projects.


INFO Nepal
Mission is to create a global understanding by encouraging volunteers to assist with community development and youth mobilization programs. Since its inception, INFO has placed over 450 volunteers from 40 countries in villages throughout Nepal and has developed a wide variety of successful programs addressing environmental and development issues.


Volunteer Work Thailand is a non-profit organization that provides instant access to organizations actively seeking volunteer assistance.

Opportunities in Europe

The European Volunteer Center maintains a linked list of volunteer opportunity databases in many European countries:

Registry of volunteer opportunities in Germany.


Registry on the site of Volunteering Ireland.

BoardMatch Ireland

The Netherlands



United Kingdom


Specifically to connect charities to volunteers skilled in public relations and communication.  Create all types of matches, but also have a microvolunteering smart phone app, BrightWorks.

Can Do Exchange
Buy, sell, barter, hire, exchange or give away all kinds of resources, from services, transport and information sheets, to office equipment, meeting rooms and peoples skills.

Cluttered but chock-full site that permits free posting of all sorts of classified ads, with a category clearly noted as "volunteers."  As of mid 2004 only London is listed, but more UK cities are planned.
Volunteer Opportunities for England

Help from Home

Microvolunteering site.

Social media site for the volunteer community in the UK.  One purpose is to allow organizations to post volunteer opportunities and for individuals to offer their skills to organizations.

Goodwill Gallery
Site allowing individuals to offer their talents, services, and goods to charities.

Leap Anywhere

A site that claims to "search night and day to find and recommend fun, hassle-free charity events and volunteering activities in your area, for you to attend, support and enjoy."  Mainly one-time events.  Also have an active Twitter site:

Reach...Skilled Volunteers
Offering UK organizations the chance to request professional skill services from volunteers.

Spots of Time

Especially for brief off-line service.  UK-based.

Time Bank

Volunteer Freelancing

Worldwide Helpers
UK-based site fostering partnerships between volunteers and charitable organizations worldwide. It attempts to remove financial barriers of volunteering by listing only low/no cost projects.




Opportunities in Latin America

EntreMundos, Guatemala
EntreMundos is a non-profit capacity-building organization that works with over 150 different NGOs in the Guatemalan highlands. They run a free online database, as well as personal consultation services to match volunteers with projects in areas including women, children, public health, human rights, the environment, agriculture, and more.

Programa Voluntarios
In addition to providing information on volunteer work,  this site includes over 1,000 names of people looking for volunteer work in Brazil or via the electronic media.

South American Explorer
Organization helping people to "travel, explore, conduct research or volunteer in South America."  Are soliciting more organizations to add to their volunteer opportunities database.

Volunteer Latin America
Contact this site via email to inquire about them listing your volunteer opportunity in Latin America.

VolunteerSouthAmerica. net
While designed for English-speaking people seeking volunteer work in South America, lists an array of sites throughout a dozen countries that advertise volunteer opportunities, including some of the more obscure and little known low/zero cost volunteer programs in South America.

Opportunities in Australia and New Zealand

Community Connect
Volunteer opportunity site for New Zealand, operated as a public service by TrustPower.

Good Company
Connects skilled professionals with Australian charitable organizations in need of pro bono assistance.

Go Volunteer
Volunteer opportunities in Australia.

Pro Bono Australia's Volunteer Match
A specialized service matching skilled professional volunteers and not-for-profit organizations.

Seek Volunteer
Another volunteer registry for Australia, focusing on organizations approved by state volunteering centres.

Please help us keep this list current by letting us know of other registries, especially outside the United States.




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