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Recruitment Insights

No matter who or where you are, if you are in charge of volunteers, you will need to recruit new volunteers. There are many excellent resources to help you do successful outreach (including the Recruitment sections in our Library and Bookstore), but sometimes all you need is a spark of a new idea…something to freshen up your approach. See what your colleagues have done - and then post YOUR creative way to recruit!

Also, check out the list of "Websites Where You Can Post Volunteer Opportunities"

Most recent posting:  28 April 2011

General Recruitment Advice or Suggestions

New Places to Look
Found a new source of volunteers (in general or for specific sorts of skills)? Tell us all about it.

Production Tips
Have some advice about preparing/designing brochures, flyers, posters, videos, or any other recruitment technique? If you're proud of your new material, scan it electronically and we'll post it.

Great Slogans and Tie-Ins
Please share catch-words and phrases that work for you in attracting volunteers. Also, what have you done to capitalize on the recruitment potential of holidays, special events, or issues in the news?

Successful Techniques
How do you invite people to volunteer? What works for you?

Effective Volunteer Recruitment Websites
Share Websites you think are particularily creative or effective at recruiting volunteers

Share what DIDN'T work and why. Offer cautions about the press, online registries, or any other recruitment technique that posed a problem for you.


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