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Poems and Invocations on Volunteering
(Words to Inspire)

(Continued from first page)

Like Ripples in a Pond
By Laurie Eytel

We thank you for all
the great things you do.

Large and small,
they all have meaning
to the families you help and to us.

One act
can make all the difference.

Like ripples in a pond ­
kindness spreads outward,
reaching and touching others
and can change a life forever.

The smiling faces we see say it all…
Thank you…you are our stars!

Submitted on 3 May 2005 by Laurie Eytel

A Toast
Written by Suzanne Hartgraves, Unpublished, Cottonwood, CA, 1996

Raise your glasses in the air
And give three rousing cheers
To all of the extraordinary super volunteers
They always share their time
With enthusiastic hearts
They appear from out of nowhere
To do their special parts
Whenever there's a project or a
task to be completed
You can always count on them
They never are defeated
Their smiles are genuine
And their attitudes are winning
Surely they must be the ones
Who keep this old world spinning
So if there is a job to do-
Don't shrink back in fear
Just see out the expertise-
Of a Volunteer
Submitted by Kitty Conners, KIXE-TV

Be a Volunteer
Written by Gael Finch, Volunteer Recruitment Worker, Chorley & South Ribble CVS , UK

I was in the library the other day
Thought I’ll look at the posters, see what they say;
There was this one that caught my eye
“Be a Volunteer” and I thought “Why?”

Voluntary work, what’s that all about?
Why would anyone work for nowt?
Still I’ll take a leaflet, nothing to lose,
What could I do?  It says YOU can choose.

Help in a shop?  I thought, No Way,
I’m not doing that, on your feet all day
Then I thought well here’s something new
If I like it, I can train and get an NVQ.

Befriend an older person who’s on their own?
Help at a Centre, answering the phone?
Drive some youngsters on an outing or two?
Full training provided, expenses too.

I thought, yeh, that sounds OK, but what about time,
It says an hour a fortnight can be just fine,
Some Organisations will send you on courses,
Oh look, there’s one here that helps with horses.

If you’ve got special skills it says they can use you,
But if not you can train, they don’t want to lose you,
You can try it and see, now that sounds OK
I could go and see someone, just name the day.

The more that I read the more it seemed right,
And I saw volunteering in a different light,
What they seemed to want is just what I’ve got,
“Be a Volunteer” and I thought “Why NOT?”

Our Heavenly Father

I've gotten lots of good ideas from your website and just wanted to try to pay back some of the generosity of other.  The attached invocation was presented at a recent recognition breakfast for my senior volunteers – it was too good to only be used once. Susie Reehl, WestArk RSVP, Fort Smith, AR. The following was written by Theresia M. Pennartz and presented on the occasion of the Breakfast of Champions on August 10, 2004.


Our Heavenly Father....

We know that the power of one kind heart

added to another and another gives birth to a legacy of love,

And yields a harvest of commitment to the lives of others,

Which lives beyond this earthly day.


So, in our prayers of thankfulness this morning,

We lift our faces toward you and express

Much gratitude and praise for each and every RSVP volunteer.


As we look out over our community and turn our faces toward

This steady stream of love generated by

Thousands upon thousands of volunteer activities,

We become aware that love has and is

Enriching our lives, the lives of our families and friends,

The lives of our neighbors, and the lives of our fellow citizens.


We thank our heavenly Father for these grace-filled volunteers,

And the rich blessings wrought upon our community,

By their compassionate hearts.

Bless not only the food we partake this morning,

But also the ever giving hearts of these volunteers........Amen.

One Short Year
By Tim Lambert, Age 10 (Fifth Grader about a Foster Grandparent in his classroom in the 4th Grade)
I had her for one year
I miss her already
One short year
I miss her already.
She was and is
Loving and
One short year
I miss her already.

She puts a smile
On my face
Whenever I need it.
I had her last year.
I am not related.
But I am.
I had her for one short year
I miss her already.
One short year.

Submitted by Project Director, The Friends Foster Grandparent Program, New Hampshire, USA 10Nov2003

Volunteers Make A World of Difference

Throughout our lives we often try to help along the way,
Special tasks give meaning to the work we do each day,
Volunteering is a way to accomplish many things,
It's made worthwhile especially for the satisfaction that it brings,
There's a great appreciation for the work you've done this year,
Volunteers are special people, and ones we hold most dear,
So this year's theme we've chosen makes a lot of sense,
Truer words were never spoken: "Volunteers make a world of difference!"

Volunteers are:

Submitted by Patty Johnston Martucci, Center Manager, City of Warwick-Senior Services Division Buttonwoods Senior, Enrichment Ctr., Rhode Island/USA

You Are Cherished For Who You Are

You are cherished
For who you are

You do not seek accolades
For the difference you have made

You are cherished
For who you are

You are awesome
For investing yourself
In the lives of others
Boys and girls, fathers and mothers

You deserve accolades
For the difference you have made

Happy children, hugged, well-fed
Snuggled, read to, ready for bed

Hopeful moms, benefit from your help
Supported, cared for,
Journey closer to improved health

Helpful friends, you lend your presence
Helping us raise funds and awareness
At our events

You are cherished
For who you are

For who can measure
The worth of your arms
Wrapped in warm hugs
Around our precious children?

We treasure you
For what you do

From our heart
We say Thank You

It’s our pleasure
To heap accolades
Upon you
For indeed,
The difference you have made

You are cherished
For who you are

Written by Miriam Leslie, Alberta Canada for Volunteer Appreciation.

Broken Hearts, Helping Hands
When a broken heart,
is lying in your arms,
do you mend it,
or leave the opened wound,
When the sky is grey,
and the hungry swarm,
do you progress,
do you feed,
If tomorrow was never to come,
and today was your last,
would you love,
or hate,
Would you help and shelter,
or would you leave them bare,
and feed them to the arms of hell?

(This poem came from me and only me - a volunteer.)
Chelsea Volpe, Illinois/USA

You Are Special
"SPECIAL" is a word that is used to
describe something one -of-a-kind.
Like a hug or a sunset
or a person who spreads love
with a smile or a kind gesture.
"SPECIAL" describes people who
act from the heart and keep in mind the hearts of others.
"SPECIAL" applies to something that is admired and precious, and which can never be replaced.
"SPECIAL" is the word that best describes YOU.

--Written by Terri Fernandez. Submitted on 9Nov02 by Nancy Wright, District Volunteer Coordinator, Alhambra School District, VITAL Volunteer Program, Alhambra CA

What You Are
Outstanding and remarkable, that's what you are
Mediating on behalf of those who need you by far
Balanced, composed and confident are you
Untiring and persevering in all that you do
Dauntless, unafraid and encouraging those who can
Seasoned and experienced, every woman and man
Motivated and moved, from laughter to tears
Accessible and present, calming away fears
Necessary and needed, in case you don't know
-- Candace Stewart, Volunteer Coordinator, Long Term Care Ombudsman Program of Ventura County


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