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Collaboration and Community Organizing

Also see "Civic Engagement" under Trends and Issues

Books on this topic

Articles and book excerpts on this subject

Free electronic books on this subject

Web sites with information on this subject

Ashoka - Civic Engagement
Defines and presents worldwide examples of what they call the "citizen sector" (see definition).  Also introduce the concept of a "Citizen Base Initiative " for community involvement, at

Centre for Community Enterprise
Canadian site focused on revitalizing and mobilizing communities.  Includes the online journal, Making Waves.

The Citizen's Handbook
Written by Charles Dobson and the Vancouver (Canada) Citizen's Committee, this is one of the best quick guides to community organizing on the Web.

Community Builders NSW
Comprehensive information about volunteer programs and activities within New South Wales Government (Australia) agencies. Includes many practical support materials.

Community Toolbox
The Community Tool Box offers over 7,000 free pages of practical guidance on essential skills for building healthy communities for people working to make a difference. The resources are organized by: 1) Learn a Skill (training in specific skills of community work); 2) Plan the Work (Toolkits outline tasks, examples, and supports for 16 core competencies); 3) Solve a Problem ("Troubleshooting Guides" for common challenges, questions for analysis, and links); 4) Use Promising Approaches (Evidence, examples, and links); and 5) Connect with Others (Learn from others by asking an advisor and finding other online resources).

Hello, My Name is Scott
Unusual, funny, and wise Web site devoted to the power and uses of nametags (yes, nametags) to foster interaction among strangers.  See the free article section.

LGBT Consortium (UK)
Have created an entire Web area with free downloadable resources called collectively: Volunteering on a Shoestring (not another toolkit!). Written in 2008 for the LGBT community but applicable to any setting, especially those at the grassroots level. Includes PDF guides, templates and case studies.

National Network for Collaboration Training Manual
Self-teaching tool to support community collaborative efforts.

A special project of Points of Light aimed at organizing low income communities to strengthen families and work together.  Many free resources to download.
A site devoted to "public strategies for the online world," this link takes you an archive of articles about e-citizenship.  Also see archive of postings to --"Democracies Online":

Transforming Communities
The organization Transforming Communities addresses gender-based violence through grass-roots social change efforts.  This Web site offers a range of resources to guide community organizing, regardless of the issue involved.

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