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(All current titles available in the Energize Online Bookstore.) 

  1. From the Top Down: The Executive Role in Successful Volunteer Involvement - UK EDITION -- co-authored with Rob Jackson in the UK, this is a fully Anglicized and updated verson of the original American book. Philadelphia/London: Energize, 2015.
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  7. By the People:  A History of Americans as Volunteers, New Century Edition (co-author).  Philadelphia:  Energize, 2005. This is third edition of the 1978 book, revised in 1990, that remains the only comprehensive history of volunteerism in the United States.
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  9. Proof Positive: Developing Significant Volunteer Recordkeeping Systems, 21st Century Edition. Philadelphia: Energize, 2003.
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  11. The Virtual Volunteering Guidebook: How to Apply the Principles of Real-World Volunteer Management to Online Service (co-author). Impact Online: 2000, electronic publication. [Available in Spanish (la traducción de la Guía de Voluntariado Virtual de Susan Ellis y Jayne Cravens) at:]
  12. The Nonprofit Board's Role in Maximizing Volunteer Resources. Washington, DC: National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 1999. (revision of 1995 publication)
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  22. Editor, The Volunteer Energy Series. A series of guidebooks for volunteer leaders on various subjects in volunteer management. Philadelphia: Energize. Co-authored the following titles in the Series: Children as Volunteers: Preparing for Community Service , rev. 1991; Proof Positive: Developing Significant Volunteer Recordkeeping Systems , rev. 1990; No Excuses: The Team Approach to Volunteer Management, 1981.
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Videos and Podcasts

  1. "7 Questions," Interview podcast on, April 2014.
  2. "The Case for Strategic Volunteerism for Your Non-profit," Interview on Nonprofit Spark on TalkRadio, January 23, 2012
  3. "Overview of Volunteering: History and Trends." Video of opening keynote session at the 1998 Cornell University Forum on Life Cycles and Volunteering.
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The NonProfit Times "On Volunteers" Column Topics

The bi-monthly "On Volunteers" column written for The NonProfit Times from 1990 to the present.  

  1. Volunteer Accountability and Reporting Oct '15
  2. When Your Board Represents Your Membership Jul '15
  3. ​The Other Half of the Volunteer World May '15
  4. The Limitations of Data on Volunteering Mar '15
  5. Maximize Volunteer Value to Your Organization with Creative Roles Jan '15
  6. Receivers Can Also Be Givers  Nov. '14
  7. "You Get What You Pay For" Sep. '14
  8. Where Does Volunteer Engagement Belong on the Organizational Chart? Jul. '14
  9. Recruit Volunteers at Points of Juncture, May '14
  10. Are Nonprofits Colluding with the Federal Definition of Who Is a Volunteer? Mar. '14
  11. An Expiration Date for Volunteer Roles? Jan. '14
  12. When Volunteers Criticize, Nov. '13
  13. Controversy in Volunteering: It's Not All Hearts and Flowers, Sep. '13
  14. Executive Self-Quiz: What Do You Know about Volunteers in Your Organization? Jul. '13
  15. Reinventing Volunteer Recognition Events, May '13
  16. When a Volunteer Transforms into an Employee, Mar. '13
  17. Do You Welcome Young Volunteers? Jan. '13
  18. Cause or Effect: Volunteers as Money Donors, Nov. '12
  19. Proactive Donors and Funders Can Support Volunteers, Sep. '12
  20. Can Volunteer Groups Co-Exist? Jul. '12
  21. Don’t Assume “Everyone Knows” How to Partner with Volunteers, May '12
  22. Volunteer Management Budget Cuts Result from False Assumptions, Mar. '12
  23. Industrial Espionage by and for Volunteers, Jan. 12
  24. Connect Volunteers and Employees for Staff Development, Nov. '11
  25. Cultivating Long-term Friends, Sept. '11
  26. AmeriCorps:  Low-Paid Jobs or Volunteering?, May. '11  
  27. Question Authority:  Real vs Feared Obstacles to Volunteer Involvement, Mar. '11
  28. Recruiting Volunteers through Public Speaking, Jan. '11
  29. Recruiting for Differences, Nov. '10
  30. Everyone Wants to Own Volunteering, Sep. '10
  31. Including Volunteers in Change, Jul. '10
  32. Twenty Years of Change and No Change, May '10
  33. Beyond Lip Service: 10 Indicators of True Commitment to Volunteers, Mar. '10
  34. Control and Confidential: Obstacles to Volunteer Involvement, Jan. '10
  35. The Giving of Thanks, Nov. '09
  36. Challenges in Welcoming Pro Bono Volunteers, Sept. '09
  37. Contradictions and Mixed Messages in Volunteering, Jul. '09
  38. The Job-Hunting Volunteer, 'May '09
  39. Let’s Be Realistic about Volunteers When Times Are Tough, Mar. '09
  40. Missed Opportunities for Volunteer Recruitment, Jan. '09
  41. A Volunteer Management Perspective on Boards of Directors, Dec. '08
  42. Volunteering and the Evolving "Family," Mar. '08
  43. The Middle Management Barrier, Jan. '08
  44. Global Volunteerism Challenges, Nov. '07
  45. What Donors Can Learn from Volunteer Statistics, Sept. '07
  46. Planning Space to Support Volunteers, Jul. '07
  47. When Anger Is the Right Response, May '07
  48. An Update on Technology and Volunteers, Mar. '07
  49. Training Leadership Volunteers, Jan. '07
  50. Questioning the Boomer Effect, Nov. '06
  51. The Resource Mix, Sept. '06
  52. Are “Interns” the Same as “ Volunteers”? Jul. '06
  53. The Volunteer Factor in Boardsmanship (published as “The Titanic’s Cruise Director”), May '06
  54. Numbers Game:  It's Time to Start Counting Volunteers Seriously, Apr. '06
  55. Mind the Gap (national HQ vs branch offices), Nov. '05
  56. Grooming Leadership Volunteers, Aug. '05
  57. Fundamental Volunteering Values, Jun. '05
  58. Tips for Working with Volunteers from the Business World, Apr. '05
  59. Beneath the Surface of Volunteer Data, Mar. '05
  60. Reaching Out to International Visitors, Jan. '05
  61. Ten Tips for Great Committee Leadership, Nov. '04
  62. Proven Practices, New Ways: Political Volunteering and the Internet, Sept. '04
  63. Tip Your Volunteer Recruitment into Success, July '04
  64. Valuable Study from the Urban Institute, May '04
  65. Are Student Interns and Volunteers Different? Mar. '04
  66. Setting Standards , Jan. '04
  67. Actions Speak Louder than Words, Nov. '03
  68. Volunteers Are Human Resources...or Are They? Sept '03
  69. Family Volunteering:  Put this Good Idea to Work, May '03
  70. Bootleg Volunteers, Mar. '03
  71. Are You Welcoming to Newcomers? Jan. '03
  72. Let Volunteers Be Unique, Nov. '02
  73. Listening to the City: Doing Volunteer Management Right, Oct. '02
  74. Donors and Volunteers - More Alike than Different, Sept. '02
  75. Is There Hope for Auxiliaries? July '02
  76. Does Your Web Site Welcome Prospective Volunteers? May '02
  77. Lessons from Minnesota : The Role of Government in Supporting Volunteering, Mar '02
  78. Barriers to Volunteering: Hidden Messages in Recruitment, Jan. '02
  79. What's in a Name?, Nov. '01
  80. Service Intensity, Sept. '01
  81. Volunteer Management Isn't Rocket Science, July '01
  82. Brain Picking: Thinking through an Advisory Committee, May '01
  83. When in Amsterdam .: Global Perspectives on Volunteering, Mar. '01
  84. Seven Stages: The History of Volunteer Involvement, Jan. '01
  85. Hire the Best: Finding a Qualified Director of Volunteers, Sept. '00
  86. Inclusive or Exclusive? Diagnosing Barriers to Volunteering, July '00
  87. Same-Day Service, May '00
  88. The Contest: Volunteers as Social Entrepreneurs, Mar. '00
  89. The Numbers Game: Quantity and Quality Is an Issue, Jan. '00
  90. Client Or Caregiver?, Nov. '99
  91. Reverse Discrimination: When Volunteers Are Prejudiced Against Employees, Sept. '99
  92. Volunteer Development: The Potential for Use of Cyberspace, July '99
  93. Doing Training: Do Volunteers Welcome or Resist?, May '99
  94. Opinions That Matter: Volunteers as a Source of Information , Mar. '99
  95. Volunteer Retention, Jan. '99
  96. Voluntary Isn't Volunteer, Nov. '98
  97. But Everyone Knows ...., Sept. '98
  98. Volunteering and Mid-Life: Lessons Learned from the Cornell Forum, July '98
  99. On the Sidelines or in the Center: The Role of Director of Volunteer Services, Sept. '97
  100. Volunteers and Unions: Guidelines Help Managers Walk the Tightrope, July '97
  101. Revitalizing Long-Time Volunteers, May '97
  102. Getting the Most out of a National Conference, Mar. '97
  103. Involuntary Retirement: Facing the Truth about Aging Volunteers, Nov. '96
  104. Legal Decisions: Volunteering is Inherently Risky, July '96
  105. Focus on Friends, Mar. '96
  106. Budget Cutting and Volunteers, Jan. '96
  107. The Part-Time Volunteer Manager, Nov. '95
  108. Cyberspace Isn't Infinity, Sept. '95
  109. Fundraising by Any Other Name: "Time-Tithing" and Other Ways to Get Volunteers Involved, July '95
  110. Missed Opportunities for Good Help, May '95
  111. Volunteers Can Be Found in Cyberspace, Mar. '95
  112. Presidents Past: What Do You Do with Former Leaders?, Jan. '95
  113. The Seven Deadly Sins of Directing Volunteers, Nov. '94
  114. Professional Standards, Sept. '94
  115. Circle of Resources: Proximity as a Recruitment Tool, July '94
  116. When Recognition Isn't Enough, May '94
  117. Considering the Board as Volunteers, Mar. '94
  118. The Implications of Gravy, Jan. '94
  119. Creative Volunteer Roles, July '93
  120. Are You Using Volunteers Effectively?, May '93
  121. Minimizing Growing Pains, Mar. '93
  122. End of Year Reflections, Dec. '92
  123. Adapting to Change, Nov. '92
  124. Tapping the Small Business Community, Sept. '92
  125. The Volunteerism Training Summit , July '92
  126. Transforming Volunteer Recognition, May '92
  127. Supporting Off-Site Volunteers, Mar. '92
  128. Advisory Volunteers, Jan. '92
  129. Finding Daytime Volunteers, Nov. '91
  130. The Great Vocabulary Debate, Sept. '91
  131. Getting Corporations to Participate in Employee Volunteerism Efforts, July '91
  132. Staffing Volunteer Involvement, May '91
  133. Young Volunteers--Are You Ready?, Mar. '91
  134. Volunteers and Community Relations, Jan. '91
  135. Some Truths about Volunteers, Sept. '90
  136. Recruitment: Finding the Right Volunteers for Your Agency, May '90