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Youth and Students in Service

(Includes volunteering by young people - children, teens, and college age - plus service-learning and family volunteering)

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Volunteering by Children and Youth

Articles and book excerpts

Free Electronic Books

The Art of Crazy Paving: Volunteering for Enhanced Employability
from Student Volunteering UK (25 pg. PDF), explaining to young people how volunteering allows them to demonstrate and test their skills.

Can Do! Volunteering:  A Guide to Including Young Disabled People as Volunteers
72-page guide from UK's leading services for people with disabilities, Leonard Chesire and Scope (2006).  Can also download the guide in sections at

College Students Helping America
Report from the Corporation for National and Community Service (2006), based on statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Index on Young People and Volunteering 2012: "The Year of Friends with Benefits" - report on survey results of teenagers and implications for agencies (37 pg. PDF, 2012)

Family Volunteering: An Exploratory Study of the Impact on Families
The Center for Urban Policy and the Environment’s evaluation of the FAMILY MATTERS project of the Points of Light Foundation (2003).

J-Serve Leaders Handbook
J-Serve is a single day on which Jewish teens across the country perform acts of community service in conjunction with Youth Service America’s Global Youth Service Day.  The second part of this manual offers generic information about working with teens.

One Million Volunteers:  The Story of Volunteer Youth Service
First published in 1968, Arthur Gillette's comprehensive history shows how service has affected volunteers and the peoples with whom they work, and draws guidelines for the future of international voluntary work.

Pathways to a New Future: Service as a Strategy for At-Risk Youth, by Innovations in Civic Participation (2005, 40-page PDF).

Starting and Maintaining a Quality Internship Program, 4th ed.
Compiled and Edited by Michael True of Messiah College and produced by the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania.  Practical and welcoming guide by a college internship director to help nonprofits and businesses establish effective internships for students.  Nice checklists. (26-page PDF, 2004).

Youth Helping America — Leveling the Path to Participation: Volunteering and Civic Engagement Among Youth From Disadvantaged Circumstances from the Corporation for National and Community Service (2007, 32-pages).

Websites with useful articles

Alternative Spring Break
United Way of America site about ways college students can help others during their school breaks, such as rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.

Research and information on community participation by youth from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE).  Also see index of free "fact sheets" at

COOL Idealist Civic Engagement Curriculum
Over 50 training modules for students and community service directors on campuses, addressing civic engagement, including service, activism, advocacy, and political engagement.
Articles and personal stories from volunteers in the UK about their volunteering experiences, with emphasis on young people.
Devoted entirely to volunteering by teenagers. Many resources and reports.
National, non-partisan US organization dedicated to engaging young adults in public policymaking and moving their issues and concerns to the forefront of policy debates.

A not-for-profit hunger relief program focusing on family service to others.See the newsletter section for examples of multi-generational efforts.

Generation We
Site devoted to explaining the perspective of Millennials and mobilizing them to service.

Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development
Various reports on youth development, civic engagement, and activism.

Russell Commission
2004 UK government-sponsored consultation into youth action and engagement.  Site offers survey tools and will report findings. 

Sesame Street introduces the concept of "volunteer" with Elmo and guest Usher

Starting A Youth Advisory Board
Report by the Kauffman Foundation (free PDF): "Like Now: Changing the Future Today with Youth Advisory Boards."

Taking It Global
International organization, "led by youth, empowered by technology." TIG brings together young people in more than 200 countries within international networks to collaborate on concrete projects addressing global problems and creating positive change.

Youth as E-Citizens Report
Online "tour" identifies and analyzes almost 400 websites, created for and in some cases by young people, that engage youth in civic activities.  Read the full 155-page report by American University's Center for Social Media (2004) about how an online youth civic culture, largely unnoticed by the general public, has taken root on the Internet and is fostering Generation Y's participation in U.S. politics and community affairs:

Youth Helping America Series
In collaboration with the U.S. Census Bureau and Independent Sector, the Corporation for National and Community Service in early 2005 conducted the Youth Volunteering and Civic Engagement Survey, the first major national study of volunteering by teenagers in more than a decade. This site provides several free reports, including a 2007 update.

Youth in Philanthropy
Youth-focused site from The Foundation Center, including information on famous and celebrity philanthropists.

YouthNet UK
"Virtual charity" serving young people in the UK, including encouraging them to volunteer.  As of 2006 have a Youthnet Blog which includes postings about volunteering.

Youth Noise
YouthNoise offers online and offline tools that equip youth to take action for a wide range of social issues. A division of Link Media, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that operates the Link TV network.

Youth on Board
Prepares youth to be leaders and decision makers in their communities and strengthens relationships between youth and adults.  Particularly advocates involving young people on nonprofit boards of directors.

Youth Worker: The Contemporary Journal for Youth Ministry
Articles for and by youth in faith-based settings, with emphasis on topics related to volunteering, organizational relationships, and leadership.

Online Media

Video Profiles of Youth Volunteering in Slovakia
These films present volunteer film work of 17 volunteers from the organisation Domka.


Articles and book excerpts

Free electronic books

Engaged for Success:  Service-Learning as a Tool for High School Dropout Prevention by Civic Enterprises (2008, 36 pg. PDF).

Internship-in-a-Box, a detailed manual that tells organizations how to design an internship program.  Provided by CareerPhilly, a Philadelphia-based program connecting students and employers:

Mentors Strengthen Student Community Service (PDF)
This monograph was published by SerVermont, a nonprofit corporation that encourages all students to do voluntary community service integrated with academic coursework.

Semester of Service Strategy Guide Youth Serivce America, giving information on how to take a community service lesson plan or volunteer effort and create a semester-long service-learning curriculum. (2008, 32-page PDF)

Summer of Service:  A New American Rite of Passage? by Innovations in Civic Participation (75 pgs.)

V2 Volunteerism Action Guide: Multiplying the Power of Service, produced the the US Peace Corps (2008) to help members develop service-learning projects in developing countries (65 pgs.).

Websites with useful articles:

The Big Dummy's Guide to Service-Learning
"27 Simple Answers to Good Questions on: Faculty, Programmatic, Student, Administrative, & Non-Profit Issues."

Campaign Against Servitude
For another point of view about service-learning, check out this site of the Ayn Rand Institute.

Cesar E. Chavez Service-Learning Resource Guides
Set of step-by-step project manuals for service activities by students, K-12.

GoTo ServiceLearning
Created for teachers and youth group leaders, this site offers downloadable lesson plans as examples of best practice service-learning experiences meeting state mandated academic standards.  See how teachers connect classroom content with student initiative,

Learning to Give Philanthropy Curriculum
A site dedicated to teaching the importance of voluntary action for the common good in a democratic society.  Offers free curriculum material for grades K to 12, with full course outlines, teachers guides, standards and benchmarks.  Also see the materials in their "Resource Room" at

National Youth Leadership Council
Long-time advocate for service-learning, the NYLC site provides both basic and advanced information on what service-learning is and best practices for doing it right.  See the 2004 "Growing to Greatness" evaluation studies.

Web site of Youth Service America, provides continuously updated news about National Service and service-learning, several free e-newsletters, tip sheets for youth volunteers.

Service-Learning Diversity/Equity Project
The National Youth Leadership Council's efforts at examining diversity in service-learning programs, with several excellent downloadable reports and articles.

Service Learning in the Northwest
Several free guides on designing service-learning projects, their essentials elements, benchmarks, and sample programs.

Summer of Service Resource Center
Innovations in Civic Participation (ICP) site with information and technical assistance in the design and evaluation of high quality "Summer of Service" programs, creating positive alternatives for young teens during summer vacation. 

Family Volunteering

Articles and Book Excerpts

From Tragedy to Triumph: How can philanthropy and volunteering help my child cope with tragic world events? from Raising Charitable Children

Free Electronic Books

Building Blocks for Family Volunteering:  Tools and Resources for Organizations

from Volunteer Canada (26 pgs., August 2011). A useful workbook highlighting key points.

Family Volunteering: A Discussion Paper, Volunteer Canada describes how and why families engage in service, examines strategies and barriers to implement family projects, and includes an extensive bibliography. Free, 22-page PDF.

Family Volunteering:  An Exploratory Study of the Impact on Families by the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment.  An preliminary study on the benefits of volunteering to the families who engage in it (2003, 32 page PDF).

Family Volunteering: The Final Report   by Volunteer Canada.   This study surveyed both volunteer managers and individual volunteers who engage in family volunteering and reports on the results. (44 page PDF).

Family Volunteering: The Ties That Bind. An introduction to preparing your agency for family volunteers, by Kristen Porritt for Canadian Heritage.

Websites with useful articles

Family Matters
Program of the Points of Light Foundation that encourages and supports family volunteering.  Web site is a "Family Volunteer Primer" with a range of material on the how-to's of making family volunteering successful.

Family Volunteering Resources on
This area of the website includes information on the benefits of family volunteering and a list of articles on the topic.   Contains information useful to families who want to volunteer and volunteer coordinators who work with family volunteers.

The Volunteer Family
This site includes ideas to help your organization become family-volunteer friendly, tips on supervising youth and family volunteers, information on legal issues and liability, and a place to post family volunteering opportunities.

Zoom into Action!
Site accompanying the PBS children's television series Zoom.  Its "Action" section has many examples of volunteering by kids and families, plus how-to hints for adults and educators.  Also provides a free guide to family volunteering to download at:

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