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Energize is a program of Adisa

Recreation and Sports

Join In (UK)'s innovative research into "the hidden value of sport volunteers, going beyond cost to measure the true value they create – through participation, wellbeing, trust and community."  The report has been published on Issu.com. 

, 2014, pp. 32
SportsSafe (BC) , pp. 8
Join In UK

Join In is "a registered charity that helps UK grassroots sports clubs attract more supporters and volunteers from their local communities by matching people to fun, interesting and rewarding volunteering opportunities at clubs in their area."  The Join In blog introduces many items about volunteering.

Sustrans Volunteer Rangers

Volunteer Rangers act as the “eyes and ears” for UK local authorities, ensuring that National Cycle Network routes are kept safe and attractive for cyclists, walkers and wheelchair users.


"America's Natural and Cultural Resources Volunteer Portal" to connect people to public sector volunteer positions in  U.S. Federal government agencies concerned with parks, recreation, and the environment.

Wisconsin 4-H Volunteer Development and Management

Resources for 4-H volunteer leaders, ideas for recruitment, training, utilizing, and recognizing volunteers in any setting.

World Leisure Organization Commission on Volunteerism

A site about research on volunteering as a major form of leisure activity, the dissemination of the knowledge generated by such research, and the development of an expanding role of volunteerism as leisure and in leisure programs and services. Site also explains: An important assumption in this mandate, which springs from the leisure perspective, is that volunteering, among things, is primarily a creative, society-building activity. However, it loses this quality when it becomes merely a money-saving strategy imposed upon an altruistic citizenry by either the public or the private sector.

Linked with The Serious Leisure Perspective site.

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