Resources for Volunteer Engagement Professionals

Recommended Resources from the Susan J. Ellis Foundation

Engage Journal — The Engage Journal is is written for volunteer engagement leaders around the world who want to be informed and challenged about volunteering trends and issues. 

The Ellis Archive — A 20th century archive documenting the evolution of the leadership and management of volunteers

Energize Directories

Resources focused on current trends and concerns: 

A to Z Library — Our extensive resource library covers every topic of volunteer engagement and is organized into four types of materials:  articles and book excerpts; reports and guides; relevant websites; and tips from colleagues. 

Books - Books on engaging volunteers, measuring impact, assessing risk and other subjects. 

Hot Topics - From 1977-2020, Susan J. Ellis, founder of Energize, and other authors wrote monthly hot topics on critical issues in the volunteer engagement field. 

Professional Associations — Get connected with other volunteer engagement professionals in your country, region or state. 

Journals and Periodicals — Explore a number of professional publications for volunteer engagement professionals. 

Centers for Resources and Information  — Organizations providing support and services to volunteer-involving agencies and to individuals looking for volunteer opportunities.

Certification and Credentialing Programs — Further your professional development with these certification and certificate programs in volunteer engagement.

Online Communities — Network with your volunteer engagement professional colleagues online. 

Ongoing Courses and Classes — These learning opportunities include a mix of for-credit academic courses, courses earning continuing education units (CEUs), and training run by established organizations. 

Conferences and Events — Check out these upcoming virtual and in-person training events. 

Websites to Register Volunteer Opportunities — There are a variety of websites where you can post volunteer opportunities and expand your recruitment reach.  

Special Days/Weeks Related to Volunteerism — Check out these special dates devoted to volunteerism. 

Awards for Volunteers —Awards (honorary and cash), scholarships, and other honors designed to recognize volunteer achievement. 

Quotes about Volunteerism — Shared with us over the years

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