Certification/Credentialing Programs in Volunteer Engagement

While many universities and organizations award a "certificate" upon completion of a certain course of study, these documents are not the same as "certification." Certification is a credential awarded by a recognized professional body after the candidate completes a variety of qualifying requirements. Often the courses and online seminars described elsewhere in this section can be submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements to become certified.

CVA Credentialing

Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration
Individuals seeking to earn the CVA (Certified in Volunteer Administration) credential can enroll in this unique, international, performance-based program for individuals who lead and direct volunteer engagement in all types of organizations and settings. CCVA recognizes practitioners in the field of volunteer resources management who meet specified standards as measured through an exam and a written portfolio. This is a self-study process requiring no travel or special classes. Individuals with the equivalent of at least 3 years of experience leading and directing volunteers are eligible.


Certified Director of Volunteer Services
Society for Healthcare Volunteer Leaders
Certification for Directors of Volunteer Services is open to members who are interested in reaching and maintaining greater educational competence and a higher level of professional standards.

Certified Volunteer Manager Program
University of Arkansas
The Certified Volunteer Manager (CVM) Program from Arkansas Public Administration Consortium is designed for administrators, directors, managers, and coordinators of volunteers and volunteer programs. The CVM program fosters professional excellence in volunteer management

Certificate in Volunteer Management
Ontario Learn and Sir Sandford Fleming College
This is a 4 course certificate, each course is approximately 15 weeks long and leads towards Certificate in Volunteer Management. This is a Ministry of Education approved course in Continuing Education. It is hosted/designed by Sir Sandford Fleming College but is offered through Ontario Learn which brings learning to many college/university students. However, anyone can register through any college under Ontario Learn. It is designed by and taught by Donna Lockhart (3 courses) and Sharon Alipanopolous (1 course) and offered totally online.