Conferences for Leaders of Volunteers

The list below includes many of the key conferences in the field, in the United States in particular. 

Have a submit a conference to submit?  Contact us and provide the name and date of the conference, website URL and a one-line description. 


October 13-14, 2022
Colorado Conference on Volunteerism

October 18 or 19, 2022
2022 Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference 
AL!VE, Better Impact & VMPC present the Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference 2022:  Impact Evaluation:  Data that Matters and Telling the Right Story
This year’s Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference will focus on equipping leaders of volunteers with skills to determine what data is useful and how to tell impactful stories using different tools and technologies.


April 2-4, 2023
Tennessee Conference on Volunteerism & Service-Learning

June 2023
Texas Volunteer Management Conference

June 2023
Minnesota Alliance for Volunteer Advancement (MAVA) Conference