Statistics on Volunteering

Data reported by official sources, usually governments, around the world.

Doing Good by the Young and Old: Forty Years of American Volunteering, Robert T. Grimm, Jr. and Nathan Dietz, The Nonprofit Quarterly

Analysis of the 40 years of data about volunteering in America.

Troubling Numbers in Volunteering Rates, Paul Clolery, The NonProfit Times

Editorial on the data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Value of Volunteering, Betsy McFarland

By Emily Hoban Kirby, Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, and Surbhi Godsay, from CIRCLE/Civic Youth.

, 2011, pp. 23
Corporation for National and Community Service Research and Policy Reports

Various reports and studies on volunteering in the US, especially on youth service and AmeriCorps.

Nonprofits Canada

Site with research findings and reports on the voluntary sector in Canada, with many items on volunteering.

Volunteering in America

Interactive site from the Corporation for National and Community Service, offering six years of data on volunteering, rankings of states and cities, and volunteer trends and demographic information for every state and 162 large and mid-sized cities.

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