Infrastructure to Support Volunteering

A year after the Presidents' Summit, Susan evaluates developments from the volunteerism perspective. Some local activities have been wonderful, but the promised mobilization to help youth has not yet materialized.

Some Nagging Questions...

By Susan J. Ellis

We say we value professional networking, so why does it seem to be so hard to get leaders of volunteers to connect? Susan poses some nagging questions -- what do YOU think?

Let's All Resolve...

By Susan J. Ellis

Susan proposes twelve professional New Year's resolutions. If once a month we each take some action on these small but vital things, the field of volunteerism will be strengthened over the next twelve months.

The sex-typing of volunteering as feminine--and the disproportionate number of women in director of volunteer positions--needs to be acknowledged and addressed. This is a complex issue and manifests itself in numerous ways. It's impossible for me to fully address it in this column, however I can certainly introduce questions to begin the dialogue.



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