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Volunteer Management Hot Topic Podcast

Each month, we podcast the volunteer management hot topic from Susan J. Ellis.

Already know how to access a podcast?  

Here's the URL you need: https://energizeinc.com/podcast-hot-topic/energize-hot-topic.rss

Never signed up for a podcast but have a web audio download program and/or mp3 player?

Generally these programs (such as iTunes) also enable you to subscribe to a podcast. Look for instructions about how to subscribe to a podcast.   You'll need to copy this link and paste it into the program in order to hear our podcast: http://energizeinc.com/podcast-hot-topic/energize-hot-topic.rss

Don't even know what podcasting is?

A podcast is simply a web feed of audio files (although increasingly people are applying the term to video and other media) that is placed on the Internet for anyone to download. It's usually possible to download the files directly from the website, just as one would normally do; however, special programs called podcatchers exist that let users subscribe to podcasts in order to automatically download and store the media files for later playback. (Courtesy of http://www.wikipedia.org)

For more technical information on podcasting, please visit Wikipedia

How do I get the software to capture a podcast?

First, visit Wikipedia for recommended software for capturing podcasts. Once you have downloaded and installed podcasting software, enter this URL: http://energizeinc.com/podcast-hot-topic/energize-hot-topic.rss to access the podcast of our Hot Topics.


E-mail technical questions or concerns to info@energizeinc.com