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Don't know what RSS is or
how to subscribe to our feed?

For those of you who want to thoroughly understand what RSS is before you get started, we suggest you read the articles linked at the bottom of this column.

For those of you who learn by doing, here's how to get started:

  1. The capabilities of RSS allow you to easily create a web page that automatically keeps track of the latest changes to all your favorite web site areas and blogs. Anytime you look at the page you've created, you'll see the latest additions to your chosen sites or blogs and can easily click through to visit the updated pages. In our case, you'll see a new post in your reader each time we add Susan's Hot Topic.
  2. You can create this page with an "RSS Reader." Most e-mail programs have RSS Readers as part of their package/service and you might want to use the one associated with your e-mail. There are also many popular sites out there that host readers and all are free. If you don't really care what reader you use, we suggest you click one of the icons in the left column (we've posted them in order of our favorites). The icon will take you to the selected reader.
    • In most cases , you will need to first follow the instructions to create your free account.
    • When your new reader page opens, you may see our feed automatically entered. (The icon you click on includes our feed information.) However, if you don't see our feed listed on your new page, click on an "Add" button (its name may vary !) and then copy and paste our feed’s URL into the form that appears:
    • You can then bookmark the reader page you've started creating and revisit it as often as you like. As you get comfortable with the reader, you can add other blogs/sites you want to follow.
  3. If you decide to use a reader that is not linked above, you'll need to subscribe to our feed manually. Simply type in or cut and paste the following URL of this feed into your RSS reader:

We recommend these articles for more explanation: