International Websites to Register Volunteer Opportunities

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General: any and all types of volunteering

Idealist (Action Without Borders)

Allows organizations to list their volunteer opportunities throughout the world.

Universal Giving

Supports internationally-focused NGOs through donations and volunteer time. Qualified organizations may register opportunities at:

Volunteer World

Volunteer World is an independent platform that connects volunteers and social projects on a global scale. Based on the latest web technology, the platform offers a user friendly experience. Organisations can manage multiple social projects. Submit volunteer programs. Receive applications and volunteers from abroad. Volunteers can explore, compare and apply to social projects worldwide according to personal preferences concerning location and tasks.

Not free. Prices are explained on site.

Specializing in a specific type of volunteer work, setting or skill


Changes is a tech company that "provides people with the platform and tools required to make the world a better place. Discover, support, and organize campaigns around the issues that impact you and your community." While much of the site is built around things that matter to individuals, agencies can start a "campaign" around their volunteer opportunities.

Go Overseas

Go Overseas is the Yelp/Trip Advisor for programs abroad: We list every volunteer, study, teach & intern abroad program in the world, with ratings/reviews and more. Our goal is to help people make more informed and educated decisions when choosing between programs abroad.

HealthCare Volunteer

A free portal to connect health professionals (or all kinds) to volunteering opportunities around the world. Organizations may post opportunities to recruit health care volunteers. See the instructions at:

True Travellers Society

Dedicated to connecting people to global volunteer/opportunities and ethical voluntourism, and building an online community of likeminded individuals who can share this information. Postings invited at