Energize Self-Paced Seminars and Guides

The Energize self-paced training features 25 seminars and 16 downloadable self-instruction guides. Seminars comprise more than 5 hours of instruction, each averaging 14 mins in length. A Self-Instruction Guide is a PDF with a self-assessment, a featured reading from a respected source, discussion questions and “try-this” exercises.

1. Plan and Prepare    

  • [Guide] Principles of Volunteer Management: No Matter What Your Job Title
  • [Seminar] Creating a Culture that Embraces Volunteers
  • [Guide] Formulating Organizational Policies that Support Volunteer Involvement
  • [Seminar] Understanding Risk in Volunteer Engagement
  • [Seminar] 5 Essential Principles of Risk Management
  • [Seminar] Creating a Risk-Aware Culture in Your Organization
  • [Guide] The Virtual Volunteering Guidebook: Fully Integrating Online Service Into Volunteer Involvement

2. Design Volunteer Positions

  • [Seminar] What to Consider When Designing Volunteer Work
  • [Seminar] Creating Meaningful Roles for Volunteers
  • [Seminar] Turning Ideas into Volunteer Work Assignments
  • [Guide] Mandated Service: A Human Resource Opportunity
  • [Guide] Pro Bono Service: Get Ready for the Highly-Skilled Volunteer

3. Recruit Strategically    

  • [Seminar] What to Consider Before Recruiting Volunteers
  • [Seminar] How to Create a Volunteer Recruitment Strategy
  • [Seminar] Making the Ask: How to Recruit Volunteers
  • [Guide] Tapping Into Corporate Volunteer Programs

4. Screen, Interview and Place    

  • [Seminar] Importance of Interviewing, Screening and Placing Volunteers
  • [Seminar] Preparing for and Conducting Volunteer Interviews
  • [Seminar] How to Screen and Place Volunteers

5. Onboard and Train    

  • [Seminar] Orienting Volunteers
  • [Guide] The Right Information at the Right Time in the Right Way: Orienting and Training Volunteers
  • [Guide] First Days Count: Orienting and Welcoming Volunteers for Success

6. Support and Supervise    

  • [Seminar] Principles and Attitudes Vital to Successful Supervision
  • [Seminar] The Role of a Supervisor of Volunteers
  • [Seminar] Developing Effective Supervision Skills
  • [Seminar] A Framework to Support Staff-Volunteer Relations
  • [Seminar] What Staff and Volunteers Need to Know to Work Effectively Together.
  • [Guide] Effective Delegation Skills
  • [Guide] Strength in Numbers: Coordinating Volunteers in Groups
  • [Guide] OUR Volunteers: The Management Team Approach to Enhancing Volunteer Engagement
  • [Seminar] Understanding Challenging Volunteer Behavior
  • [Seminar] How to Handle Problem Volunteer Behavior
  • [Seminar] How to Dismiss a Volunteer from Service
  • [Seminar] Middle Managers: Their Vital Role in Volunteer Success

7. Recognize and Retain    

  • [Guide] Informal Volunteer Recognition: Creating a Culture of Appreciation
  • [Seminar] The Key Elements for Successful Volunteer Retention
  • [Seminar] Turning Short-Term Volunteers into Long-Time Supporters
  • [Seminar] Turning Single Days of Service into Longer Volunteer Involvement
  • [Seminar] Keeping Long-Term Volunteers Motivated

8. Evaluate and Share Impact    

  • [Guide] Volunteer Performance Assessment
  • [Guide] Methods of Volunteer Program Evaluation
  • [Guide] Reports with Clout: Showing the Impact of Volunteers
  • [Seminar] Understanding the Connection Between Philanthropy and Volunteer Engagement


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