Environmentalism, Conservation

Volunteers working to protect and preserve the environment.  Includes political action and protest against polluters, endangered wildlife sanctuaries, water purity monitoring, weather watching. 

Conservation of an Overlooked Resource -- Volunteers, Randy Russell and Earle Kirkbride, Rangelands, 2004

Prof Anne-Marie Greene and Dr Jenna Ward of DeMontfort University (Leicester, UK) were commissioned to provide the National Trust with a detailed, evidenced-based understanding of: (1) what it means to manage volunteers in the National Trust (2) the nature of similarities or differences between the management of volunteers and paid staff (3) the implications of these similarities or differences for policy, resourcing and strategic planning around volunteer management within the National Trust. This report is based on empirical evidence from in-depth qualitative case studies carried out at two National Trust properties between 2013 and 2015. 

The researchers concluded that, "in practice, the management of volunteers within the National Trust is, and should be, significantly different to the management of paid staff. These differences can be classified around five broad, yet interconnected, themes: Performance Management, Communication, Task Differentiation, Trust and Fear vs Autonomy and Creativity, Emotional Labour."


, 2016, pp. 44
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All about young people (teens and 20-somethings) and social change.

Sustrans Volunteer Rangers

Volunteer Rangers act as the “eyes and ears” for UK local authorities, ensuring that National Cycle Network routes are kept safe and attractive for cyclists, walkers and wheelchair users.


"America's Natural and Cultural Resources Volunteer Portal" to connect people to public sector volunteer positions in  U.S. Federal government agencies concerned with parks, recreation, and the environment.

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