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Older Volunteers

AmeriCorps and Senior Corps Targeting Volunteer Management, Susan J. Ellis, Energize Hot Topic, 2010
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Doing Good Well: Engaging Senior Volunteers, From Singapore's National Center on Volunteering and Philanthropy, this 30-page guide shows how organizations have benefited from the skills and commitment of senior volunteers in a wide range of jobs, with tips distilled from NVPC's discussions with NPOs and senior volunteers.
Engaging 50+ Volunteers: A Resource Guide for Agencies, Developed by the Renaissance 50+ project in Ottawa, Canada (French version also available).
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Age Discrimination and Volunteering

On the Institute for Volunteering Research site (UK).

Boomers in Action

RSVP of North Central Iowa project, with Boomer volunteer stories.

Boomers Leading Change

A project of the Rose Community Foundation. Site gives research reports and links.

Coming of Age

This program from the Temple University Center for Intergenerational Learning focuses on improving the quality of life for people over age 50, including providing them with challenging volunteer opportunities. There are reports on Boomer volunteering and a blog that addresses many issues.

Regeneration: Recruiting Older Americans to Serve the Public Good

Compilation of many articles about senior volunteers, Boomers, etc.

Senior Volunteers

Examples of senior volunteering around the world, compiled by United Nations Volunteers.

Service-Learning Diversity Toolbox

The National Youth Leadership Council's efforts at examining diversity in service-learning programs, with several excellent downloadable reports and articles of relevance to any setting or type of volunteer work.

Volunteering and Healthy Aging

From Volunteer Canada.

Volunteering in the Third Age (VITA)

Reports and research still available from this UK program (now ended) to promote the value, impact, and numbers of over 65s volunteering by removing barriers across the voluntary and community sector. 

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