Laws and legal guidelines affecting volunteers and the organizations involving them -- from a range of countries.

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Volunteer Activity in Elections, 2004
description of volunteer work permitted or limited in federal US elections
Volunteer Rights Inquiry - Reports, 2010

Material from the innovative Inquiry conducted in the UK, 2009-10.

Volunteering Is Bigger than the Nonprofit Sector, Susan J. Ellis, Energize Hot Topic, 2008
Volunteers Should Not Be Second-Class Taxpayers, Susan J. Ellis, Energize Hot Topic, 2008

When newspapers in England reported of serious breaches of trust between volunteers and their organisations in 2009, Volunteering England was prompted to set up the Volunteer Rights Inquiry to begin to understand the nature and scope of the problems experienced by volunteers and identify suitable remedies. This Interim Report goes into detail about the findings of the intensive set of hearings held.  In 2014, a Final report of the Call to Action Progress Group following the Volunteer Rights Inquiry was produced by NCVO.

, 2010, pp. 32
"Advancing the Community Together" (ACT) Partnership

Site outlining the "Partnership between the Volunteer Sector and the South Australian Government," through that state's Office for Volunteers.

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

Provides voluntary and not-for-profit organizations in Canada with a philosophical framework for involving volunteers at the governance, leadership and direct service levels. The Code outlines the values, principles, and standards for effective volunteer practices within organizations. It also includes the Organization Standards Checklist.

Community Development Policy (New Zealand)

NZ government site offering policy statements, reports,and other materials on volunteering as well as other community development,  including a study of Maori volunteering.

eLaws: Fair Labor Standards Act Advisor

The US Department of Labor's explanation of the FLSA as it applies to volunteers, including employees as volunteers.

European Commission Youth Programme

Non-formal education programme targeting young people aged between 15 and 25 years in 31 European countries.

Nonprofit Issues

Nonprofit Issues® is a national Web newsletter of "Nonprofit Law You Need To Know." Written for nonprofit executives and their advisors, lawyer Donald Kramer provides clear, concise and comprehensive coverage of real issues that affect nonprofits every day. While there is a fee for subscribing to the full publication or participating in webinars, sign up for the free weekly e-mailed "Question and Answer" where Don Kramer responds to readers' questions on topics of general interest, often volunteer-related.

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