Monetary Value of Volunteer Time

Determining an economic value to assign to volunteer time is getting more and more attention. Be aware that most of the calculations are really wage replacement costs and have little to do with intrinsic worth. 

The Economic Equation of Volunteering, Katharine Gaskin and Barbara Dobson
Money is No Object, Susan J. Ellis
A Note On Assessing Value, Linda Graff, , pp. 20-22, Linda Graff and Associates Inc.
Value of Volunteering, Betsy McFarland
Volunteering and Charitable Giving, Carolyn M. Appleton

Thoughtful discussion comparing money and time donors -- with a long list of related online.article links.

By the Grantmaker Forum on Community and National Service reveals the level of infrastructure neccessary for an organization to effectively involve volunteers , 2003, pp. 24

A "State of Volunteering Report" for 2014, produced by the Institute of Project Management for Volunteering Tasmania, Australia. Looks at the "value" of volunteers beyond financial.

, 2014, pp. 125

Produced by the Institute of Project Management for Volunteering WA. Comprehensive look at the "value"--beyond financial--of volunteer services. Report has nice infographics at the start and an executive summary.

, 2015, pp. 164
This document from Volunteering England explores what "valuing volunteer management" really means and is designed to help organisations assess how they currently value volunteer management, why this is important, and what extra steps they could take., 2011, pp. 16
Value Volunteer Management

Initiative of Volunteering England to advocate for the importance of "investing in volunteering."

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