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Recent term coined to describe volunteering done in small chunks of time, even in minutes. While micro-volunteering can be done in various ways, it most often is a sub-set of virtual volunteering and is done online or via smartphone.

By the UK microvolunteering site, Help from Home, aimed at charities and nonprofits interested in exploring the world of microvolunteering. , 2011, pp. 42

Mike Bright, founder of Help From Home in the UK, reports on a wide variety of microvolunteering events. 

, 2015, pp. 40
"Donate Your Brain!" Microvolunteering Project of Tech Soup
Great example of how to create and run a micro-volunteering project.
Help from Home

UK site encouraging micro-actions that can be done in your pyjamas.

Micro-volunteering section of ivo.org

Materials provided on ivo by Help from Home. Also, see the blog post: http://ivo.org/pengecom/posts/micro-volunteering. Search the ivo site for "microvolunteering" to read over a dozen posts from different bloggers.

Mobile Volunteering

Project of Orange (a UK telephone company).

Spots of Time

UK site devoted to off-line activities taking only a short while to serve others.

We Are What We Do

A UK-based site that "creates stuff that makes it easier for people to do small, good things everyday," which they call "actions."

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Last Updated: March 31, 2015