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By edited by Johnnie Ruth Sturgeon, Submitted by Elaine Schneider
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Take Time for All Things

Take Time for All Things
Submitted by Elaine Schneider

Each officer represent a part of our clock and the clock itself, represents the (club name). As I call your names, please step forward and take the hourglass of time in your hands. ...

__________________, as Treasurer, you are the FACE of the Clock. You shall have charged of the club funds, pay all bills with the approval of the Executive Board and give an accounting of all expenditures. You shall do this in all honesty so that you will be ready to "face" your group knowing that they have placed their trust in you as a person of integrity. Are you willing to take on this responsibility?

__________________ , as Financial Secretary, you are the MINUTE HAND on our Clock. It shall be your duty to collect all monies and issue duplicate receipt for same, issue yearbooks, furnish membership reports, be Chairman of the Budget Committee and turn all funds over to the Treasurer. All these duties take many "minutes" of our time. Do you agree to carry out these duties?

__________________ , as Corresponding Secretary, you are the CHIMES of our Clock. Through you, the outside world is heard from, and you in turn communicate with others on behalf of the club. If your chimes are harmonious and friendly, all will go well. Will you agree to be the Chimes of.our Clock? ...

And now we come to the most important part of our Clock - you________________as President you are the MAINSPRING. If you falter or break, the whole clock________to_________ and time is lost, never to be found again. You must keep calm, cool and collected and never allow yourself to fly apart when adverse conditions arise. It takes a strong leader to be diplomatic, fair and farsighted. A clock is only as good as its mainspring and if it functions with a steady, controlled action, the chimes will ring out loud and clear for the whole community to hear of the accomplishments of your group. Remember that "time" is of the essence and you should never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.

I now declare all of you duly installed officers of _______________. With my congratulations I leave you with these thoughts: This is the time of endings, but of new beginnings too, God sends us another year and makes all things new. another hope, another chance, another road to take, another star to follow, another star to make. New beginnings, new adventures, new heights to attain, golden opportunities to work and build again. New and higher aspirations for the future days seeking, dreaming, moving on, down bright and better ways.

Props: A small hourglass, egg timer or replica of a clock or watch for each office to be installed.

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