Alison M. Caird

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Alison M. Caird is currently executive director of Spectra Helpline (a charity that provides
inbound and outbound telephone support for people with mental health issues,
including those who are in crisis and/or suicidal). Alison has dedicated her career to the
nonprofit and public sectors, where she began as a literacy coordinator with the Children’s
Aid Society and then held progressively senior positions in volunteer management
with the University Health Network (Toronto General, Toronto Western, and Toronto
Rehab hospitals). In her last position, she was executive director of Serve, a charity that
worked with marginalized youth from the priority neighborhoods of Toronto.
Alison is a lifelong learner with studies in human resources management with Ryerson University, executive
leadership with the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, and fundraising with
the Association of Fundraising Professionals. In addition, Alison has published numerous articles and has
been the recipient of several awards and best practice designations in the areas of leadership, strategic planning,
fundraising, and service development. She has been a proud volunteer with various organizations for
more than thirty-five

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