Seminar: Engaging and Supporting Volunteers During Coronavirus

Energize is offering resources to support your work during the coronavirus outbreak. Scroll below to find a free seminar and two discounted resources - The Virtual Volunteering Guidebook and the Everyone Ready online volunteer engagement training program.  Also, view our Coronavirus Resource Directory



Book cover for The Last Virtual Volunteering Guidebook.  Hands are hold ipads, mobile devices and computers in the air.

The Virtual Volunteering Guidebook

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Understand how to integrate online service into all volunteer involvement. Design virtual volunteering assignments and recruit, train, and support online volunteers. Include adding a virtual component to any volunteer’s service and assuring accessibility and diversity among online volunteers.


Receive volunteer engagement training at home -- virtually

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The Everyone Ready volunteer management training program provides effective and flexible training, online and on-demand, incorporating the best practices of today’s volunteer management. This cutting-edge skill-building program maximizes the ability for everyone in an organization to welcome volunteers and enable them to perform their best.   There are 40+ topics covering the best practices of volunteer engagement.